UW Medicine ArtPack Sample

Welcome to the new UW Medicine online logo ordering system. Please use this form to order your department, clinic or program logo.
Logos can be up to three tiers deep. Every logo will incorporate UW Medicine as its top tier. Use of the second  and  third tiers will be dependent on your dept, clinic or program structure.
If your clinic or department is  located at just one of our hospitals,( for instance Harborview Medical Center), you would use Harborview Medical Center as your second tier and the dept/clinic name in the third tier. If your dept/clinic has locations in multiple sites (Say Harborview and Northwest Hospital & Medical Center) you would not use a hospital name in a second tier and instead use your dept/clinic name.
Corporate departments that serve people across multiple locations – such as Human Resources, Compliance, etc. would also use the two tier logo. For instance, UW Medicine on top tier and Human Resources as the second tier.  
Once your order is placed, you will receive your new logo within 2 working days. Your logo will come in an art pack that contains the following files:

  • eps (gold,  black)
  • jpg (gold, black)
  • png (gold, black and  reverse)
  • gif (gold, black and reverse)

Included in your UW Medicine Logo Artpack will be a "READ ME" document that describes the file types and usage suggestions.

Price per ArtPack: $50.00

Please select your entity or service for the first line that appears under "UW Medicine" in the ArtPack.
Add an optional third line to your ArtPack using this field. If you have only one line to for the ArtPack, leave this blank and use the ArtPack Entity line above.
First name. Will not appear on the ArtPack.
Last name. Will not appear on the ArtPack.
Last name. Will not appear on the ArtPack.
Box number. This will not appear on the ArtPack.
Budget number. The budget number to charge for this ArtPack order.