Make a Big Impression!

Posters, retractable banners, sandwich board signs, wall clings, and floor graphics – Creative Communications offers highest quality and fast turnaround times for all large format products. You can submit your order via email to, and if your print ready file is too large to go through email, you can always place your printing/copying order online and web file transfer the files that way.

We can print posters up to 60” wide and as long as you want. With mounting and laminating options and proofing and delivery service, we make getting your poster printed easy.

Below are some sample sizes and prices, but these are not your only options.

Sample Pricing

Poster and Banner Printing (if paying by cash or credit card, sales tax + UW overhead applies)
42" wide $12/linear foot (e.g., 24 x 36 = $24)
60" wide $15/linear foot (e.g., 48 x 48 = $60)
Fabric $15/linear foot (e.g., 24 x 36 = $30)
Vertical, retractable standing banner, with hardware and vinyl banner - $250

Paper Posters: Choose from satin, gloss, semi-gloss, or matte paper

Download retractable banner specifications

Sample Poster Printing (based on paying with UW budget number)
18 x 24 poster one=$18, two=$24
24 x 36 poster $24 each
36 x 48 poster $48 each
40 x 60 poster $60 each
Wall Clings
18 x 24 wall cling one=$18, two=$24
(wall cling is on 50" roll)
24 x 36 wall cling one=$24, two=$36
18 x 24, falcon board $10 each
(add to poster price)
24 x 36, falcon board $20 each
(add to poster price)
36 x 48, falcon board $40 each
(add to poster price)
40 x 60, falcon board $50 each
(add to poster price)

Additional size options: call 206-616-5244

18 x 24 $10 each
22 x 36 $15 each
24 x 36 $15 each