For questions concerning equipment malfunction, please email:

System and location wide issues can be found on the Dawg Prints Alerts blog. Dawg Prints Alerts can be found here.

The DawgPrints help desk is staffed from 7:30a to 6p, Monday-Friday. Tickets submitted outside of those hours will have a delayed response. 

For any other questions:

Known Issues:

  • Because of security concerns Dawg Prints is not able to accept print jobs coming from non UW IPs. Please connect through a UW IP to send your jobs.
  • Printing to DawgPrints using the Popup Packages requires that you be connected to the UW network and be using UW DNS for your name server. You can find more information about UW DNS here.
  • We no longer recommend host file modification to resolve DawgPrints connection issues. Please contact support if you see the error “Cannot connect to host pharos-print…”.
  • Due to a security policy change by Google logging in to Google products (e.g., Gmail) from scan stations now requires that you configure your account to allow for "less secure apps". Please see our DawgPrints Alerts post for more information.
  • Mac 10.12.3 (or newer): You may need to Right Click -> Open, then click Open on the "unidentified developer" popup.
  • Mac 10.8 (or newer): You need to install additional software before printing. If you see these ...
    • ... then you'll need to download and install additional drivers.
      • Xerox 4500 or 4510: Download this file and run the package.
      • Xerox 4600 or 4620: Download this file and run the package.
      • Xerox 5550: Download this file and run the package. (Note: If running 10.10.2, you will be prompted to download and install drivers from the Apple store when trying to print. Do this.)
      • Xerox 6360: Download this file and run the package.
      • Xerox 7760: Download this file and run the package.
      • Ricoh Aficia SP 5200DN: Download this file and run the package.
    • In either case once you reach the "Select Printer" step click continue, then click "Continue" when the package warns that you have not yet selected a printer. Finally click "Close". The printer installed by the DawgPrints package should now function and not request additional software.
  • Mac Users: After installing the package the popup may not appear when attempting to print a job. You need to manually start the popup in order for it to work correctly. To do this go to Macintosh HD (or equivalent) > Library > Application Support > Pharos and double click the Popup application. The application will launch, but no window will appear until you send a job. If you have 10.7 (OS X Lion) this folder is hidden by default. To unhide the folder go to Terminal and type in "chflags nohidden ~/Library" (no quotes).
  • For Mac users open ports 28203, and 515 under the /System Preferences/Sharing/ pane.
  • When using Sophos and installing a Dawg Prints package you will receive several notifications about suspicious behavior. This is a normal behavior for our package and should be approved to avoid further issues. You will see a HIPS/ProcInj-001 warning for popupmodule.exe, CCHosts.exe, and CTskMstr.exe.


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