Pending Assets

A pending asset results when an equipment item has been paid for (an 06-XX equipment expenditure has been made) but for which the necessary equipment information (UW Equipment Information Form) has not been entered into OASIS.  Each 06-XX equipment expenditure has to be applied to an asset in OASIS in order for the OASIS system to reconcile to FAS.

Notification of a department's pending assets are communicated to departmental inventory contact in several ways:

  • Through weekly Departmental Asset Control Sheets that are sent to departments (once a week EIO runs a report of all pending assets created in the previous 7 days; an email is then generated for each untagged asset, and is mailed to the departments' inventory contact and administrator)
  • Through monthly email Pending notifications
  • By the departmental inventory contact (with OASIS access) using the Asset Search Screen in OASIS "Equipment Needing Tags (PTEs)"
  • Through the bi-annual Physical Inventory Listing.

Pending assets should be cleared immediately by tagging the equipment and entering the information in OASIS or by completing the UW Equipment Information Form.

Note:  Since equipment should be tagged within 3-7 days after receipt (unless prior arrangements are made with EIO), pending assets should be a rare occurance.  Departmental inventory contacts should not wait for receipt of an Asset Control Sheet before tagging and recording new assets, as payment can occur significantly later than receipt of the asset.  Assets that are missing necessary equipment information will remain in pending status, which could pose a liability risk to the department.

Note (payment before receipt):  In limited circumstances, payment may occur before an asset has been received.  This will automatically result in a pending asset for your department.  When notified of this pending asset, simply add a comment to the Other Location field of OASIS stating "Item has not been recevied."  EIO will continue to follow up with you on this pending asset during the monthly pending push but will not consider it a high priority until the item has been received.   

Note (add cost):  If a pending asset was purchased in order to be added to equipment already in OASIS, you may add cost that asset to one already in the system. This may be done on the "Department Add Cost/Copy" page in OASIS. For more information on add costs, visit this page.


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