The Financial Management Awareness Toolkit is the work of a team established to identify the critical financial management information and resources available to senior leaders of the University. 
The Team:
Linda Lake, Assistant Dean Finance and Operations, Evans School of Public Affairs (Team Lead)
Thomas C. Sparks, Financial Administrator, College of Engineering
David C. Green, Director of Finance and Operations, School of Medicine
Lawrie Robertson, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, School of Public Health
Frank Montgomery, Controller's Office, Financial Management
Karen Long, Special Assistant to the AVP/Controller, Financial Management
Patricia Bonner, Project Manager, UW Information Technology
Donna Andreason, Project Administrator, Procurement Services
Nigel Heinsius, Senior Computer Specialist, Creative Communications
Sponsor:  Ann Anderson, Associate Vice President and Controller
Contact:  Karen Long, Special Assistant to the AVP Controller,
                 206-221-0220 or