Grant and Contract Accounting is paying close attention to the government shutdown and has created guidance for awards generally impacted by the shutdown or, more specifically, by stop work orders. To date, we have received a small number of awards for which the sponsor has issued stop work orders. We will update the guidance below as more information becomes available.

During the Shutdown

Reporting to Sponsors During the Shutdown

  • GCA will continue to prepare financial reports.
  • Departments will receive a GrantTracker notification when reports are completed that are unable to be submitted due to the shutdown.
  • Affected reports will be submitted as soon as the situation is resolved and the sponsor reporting systems are brought back online.
  • Departments will receive another GrantTracker notification when the report has been successfully submitted.

Invoicing Sponsors During the Shutdown

  • GCA will continue to prepare and submit invoices to federal sponsors.
  • More information will be communicated if online submissions are affected.

For Budgets Affected by a Stop Work Order

  • Stop work orders are being processed under a PAC by OSP and are being sent to GCA.
  • GCA will update these budgets to status 3 (closed to expenditures) on Wednesday, 10/9/2013.
    • This will allow September 2013 payroll expenditures to post.

Submitting Invoices

  • GCA will continue to submit invoices to federal sponsors for work done up to the stop work order date.
  • This process will be in effect until the stop work order is lifted.
  • GCA will resume invoicing on affected awards once we receive this PAC.


Communicating to GCA

If you have allowable expenditures for costs incurred prior to the stop work order which need to post to an affected budget:

  • Submit a GrantTracker request using the topic “Other”.
  • Include “Shutdown” in the summary line.
  • Provide the expenditure amount(s) and object code(s).
  • GCA will update the budget to status 1 to allow expenditures to post.
  • GCA will then return the budget to status 3 after the expenditures have posted.
  • Once the PAC is received to lift the stop work order, GCA will re-open the budget to status 1.

The Final Action Date posted in GrantTracker is still applicable. Learn more about how the Final Action Date affects you and your budgets.

Please feel free to submit general questions to the Grant Analyst team via Please use GrantTracker for specific questions related to your budget.