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General FEC FAQs

The Access and Use Agreement for UW Information Systems and UW Institutional Information ('Agreement') promotes best practices and accountability for data security. It is a digest of University policy outlined in the Administrative Policy Statements to encourage more responsible usage of UW Institutional Information.

Yes. Links to these documents are available on the Faculty Effort Certification (FEC) website under the References and Useful links section, Schools and College Effort Policies.

Federal regulations define institutional base salary as 'The annual compensation paid by an organization for an employee's appointment, whether that individual's time is spent on research, teaching, patient care, or other activities. Base salary excludes any income that an individual is permitted to earn outside of duties for the applicant/grantee organization.' As ADS and ENS are considered part of an individual's annual compensation they are included as a part of the institutional base salary.

This is a rounding issue. It is not necessary to adjust total percent effort. All totals will round to 100%.

No. Whiteout and white tape are a concern for auditors as corrections can be made to the form after the faculty member, chair, director, division head or dean has certified it. If whiteout is accidentally used, the faculty member will need to initial the change.