Expanded Access in MyFD

In March of 2009 the Data Management Committee (Consisting of the Provost, Senior Vice President and Chair of the DMC) signed the Data Access Guidelines for Access to Financial Data. This allows authorized UW employess unrestricted access to financial data created by and maintained in the UW’s Financial Accounting System (FAS) and the information from FAS that resides in the Enterprise Data Warehouse.


"Given the significant number of interdisciplinary grants and activities on campus...Allowing unrestricted access to financial data supports the UW values of visibility and collaboration and will be critical to effective reporting, monitoring and mangement of financial operations across the University."


To implement expanded access, applications across campus will be requiring users to accept a User Access Agreement. This agreement allows authorized employees to acknowledge awareness of duties and requirements associated with using fiscal data available to them in the performance of their duties.


What does it mean for MyFD?

Expanded access, in MyFD, means that any authorized MyFD user will have unrestricted access to 5 report areas. Functionailty will still exist that is governed by ASTRA roles and in order to have access to the unrestricted reports, users must be granted access to at least one MyFD budget, or organization code.  Learn more about the unrestricted and restricted areas of MyFD in the table below.            

Unrestricted Access  Restricted Areas (functionality governed by ASTRA roles)
Budget Profile Budget List
Budget Sumary Budget Worksheet
Encumbrances & Open Balances Expense Transfer (Submission to FAS)
Transaction Detail Query
Transaction Summary Reconciliation
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