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MyFD access is removed via ASTRA by department authorizers.

To remove access

  1. Log in to ASTRA
  2. Select the Search & Edit Authorizations tab
  3. Enter the employees name (last, first), UWNetID or EID
  4. Click the Find and Verify button
  5. Select the appropriate person from the list, if more than one name appears
  6. Click on Show Advanced Search Options
  7. Select MyFD from the applications drop down menu
  8. Click the Search for Authorizations Now button
  9. Check the box next to the item(s) to be removed
  10. Click Delete
  11. To finalize deletion, click on the Cart/Checkout tab
  12. Review the authorizations to delete and click on Checkout Now

MyFD access is granted via ASTRA, by department authorizers. 
If a user has Inquiry access and needs to be granted Expense Transfer access, it is a best practice to edit the existing access, rather than grant new access.

To edit access

  1. Log in to ASTRA
  2. Select the Search & Edit Authorizations tab
  3. Enter the employees name (last, first), UWNetID or EID
  4. Click the Find and Verify button
  5. Select the appropriate person from the list, if more than one name appears
  6. Click on Show Advanced Search Options, (just below the yellow search button)
  7. Select MyFD from the applications drop down menu.
  8. Click on Search for Authorizations Now (Note: If no results are returned, follow instructions below for granting initial access.)
  9. Click Edit next to the access to be changed
  10. Select the Expense Transfer action and unit staff role from the dropdown menu
  11. When finished, click on Ok, proceed to cart
  12. After all edits have been made, click on the Cart/Checkout tab
  13. Review the authorizations granted and click on Checkout Now


To grant initial access

  1. Log in to ASTRA
  2. Select the Create New Authorization tab
  3. Enter the employees name (last, first), UWNetID or EID
  4. Click the Find and Verify button
  5. Select the appropriate person from the list, if more than one name appears
  6. Select MyFD from the applications drop down menu.
  7. Select the appropriate action (for preparers, select Inquiry and for submitters, select Expense Transfer) and role (unit staff)
  8. Select the limit (either organization code or budget number)
  9. When finished, click on Ok, proceed to cart
  10. After all authorizations have been added, click on the Cart/Checkout tab
  11. Review the authorizations granted and click on Checkout Now

MyFD access is granted via ASTRA by department authorizers.

How to identify your department authorizer:

  1. Navigate to the ASTRA page.
  2. Click on the "Who can authorize me?" button.
  3. Log into ASTRA using your UW NetID and password.
  4. If you know the budget number you want access to, select the budget number radio button. Alternatively, select the organization button to enable organization code look up.
  5. Enter either the number or description of your budget or organization code you wish to get access to. Click "Find and Verify."
  6. If there is more than one result, you will need to select the appropriate item.
  7. Select MyFD (MyFinancial.desktop) in the Application pull down menu.
  8. Click on the "Lookup Authorizers Now" button.
  9. The names which are returned are the authorizers. You may contact those individuals and request access.

Any UW employee can use ASTRA to view their MyFD authorizations.

  • Login to ASTRA using your UW Net ID and password
  • Click on "Show Me My Authorizations"
  • ASTRA will display a list of authorizations including ASTRA Role, Application, Role, and Limit.
    • For example, User, MyFD, Unit Staff (Inquiry), budget 11-1111 would indicate that you have inquiry authorizations for MyFD for budget 11-1111.

NOTE: In ASTRA, preparers will have User/ Unit Staff/ Inquiry authorization, while submitters will have User/ Unit Staff/ Expense Transfer authorization.

The option to sort by PI budgets includes budgets that the PI has access to, not just the ones they are PI for. This can include budgets that the PI was given access to but no longer actively uses. In that case, the person who originally authorized the PI for that budget can remove the access in ASTRA.

In some cases, this can also happen when the budget number has been recycled. If the PI used the budget in a previous biennium, and that budget number is reactivated with a different PI and name, because of the records retention policy (three biennia, plus the current biennium) the PI's access will still show that budget. In this case, the PI can check the "active budgets only" box on the budget list, and that budget number will not show up. As the records retention ages out, that budget number will drop off of the PI's access.

There is no logout button in MyFinancial.desktop. MyFD uses the same "weblogin" as many other UW applications, and therefore has the potential to sign out other applications using this service (MyUW, eTravel, WebPine, eFECS, etc.).

When you are finished browsing UW websites such as MyFinancial.desktop, always remember to log out of these sites and the UW NetID "weblogin" service before leaving your computer. To do so, simply exit your Web browser.

To learn more about the logout process, please visit: User's Computing Guide to UW NetID Weblogin

PIs should have access to all of the budgets that they are the PI for; if they cannot access one of their budgets, verify that the field "Principle Investigator ID" on the Budget Profile Report lists the correct Employee ID Number for the PI.

If a PI needs to be changed or removed from a budget where they are shown as the PI, the request goes to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) office. Once OSP authorize the change they notify GCA to remove the PI from the budget on the FIN driver. The FIN budget-PI data gets uploaded nightly to ASTRA so when changes are made to the budget/PI in FIN it is reflected the next day in ASTRA.

Departments should contact OSP at about changing the PI on a budget.

Once the changes are made to the budget in FIN, ASTRA will reflect the updated details the next day after the nightly upload.

Browser Settings

Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are both supported browsers. We recommend using either of these. This product is standards-compliant and may work on other browsers.

Budget Worksheet

No, manual entries will not update automatically. Worksheet users will need to update any amounts that need to be adjusted.

Fiscal Year End / Biennium Reporting

A fiscal year is named for the calendar year in which it ends

  • i.e. Fiscal Year 2017 runs July 2016 - June 2017

A biennium is named for the calendar year in which it starts

  • i.e. Biennium 2017 runs July 2017 - June 2019

There are two fiscal years in each biennium, so Biennium 2017 includes Fiscal Year 2018 and Fiscal Year 2019

MyFD Month Close occurs on JAMDYPEOM3/JAMDAYEOM3 on the Financial Accounting System (FAS) Production Schedule, except during Biennium Close and Fiscal Year Close.

Note that the MyFD Home page publishes the month close message the following day. This is because the close typically happens at night and campus will not see the update until visiting the MyFD Home page the following day.

To view the FAS Schedule, please visit the Learn About FIN webpage provided by Financial Accounting. On this webpage, under Schedules, select either the Detail or Summary FAS processing schedules. The calendar will show the scheduled JAMDYPEOM3/JAMDAYEOM3 for the current calendar year as well as past years:

During Biennium Close, the final June month close occurs on JAMOLDDYPEOM/JAMOLDDAYEOM in July.

During Fiscal Year Close, the final June month close occurs on JAMDYP12AEOM/JAMDAY12AEOM in July.

Dean's Day access must be granted in ASTRA for the budget you are transferring from, not the budget you are transferring to. Check ASTRA to make sure that your access is correct for the budget you are transferring from. If your access looks accurate, please contact us at to review the transaction.

During the Biennium Crossover periods (June, July, and August of odd years), MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) may not display Budgeted Amounts. Budgeted amounts for biennial budgets are not available until late August, after all final calculations for the closing biennium are complete. Until this time, there are no budgeted amounts available in the University's financial systems, including FIN/FAS and the Buget System (BGT)

Even though we know the budgeted amount for grants, during the Biennium Crossover period, all budgeted amount data becomes unavailable in the University's financial systems. When the budgeted amounts for biennial budgets become available, budgeted amounts for ALL budget types, including grants, are uploaded to the Budget System and Financial Systems; this generally occurs in late August. At this point, the budget balance for grants will be re-displayed in MyFinancial.desktop.

You can transfer to or from a GRANT budget from a closed biennium, as long as the grant still exists in the current biennium. Additionally, both the transfer to and transfer from budget(s) must be open to expenditure transfers. You may not transfer to or from a state budget from a closed biennium.

More Systems

With an increase of online financial systems being used at UW, we have provided a link to those that often rely on data within MyFD. Support can be found within their own systems.

Budget Search:
Cost Share:
Decision Support:
Effort Reports (eFECS):
Grant Tracker:
Procurement Reports (PDR):

Open Balances

Creating a Budget List will allow you to see the overall balance totals for both Encumbrances and Open Balances for more than one budget at a time. To learn about building budget lists, visit our Budget List webpage here.

Open Balances will not alter the way information is processed to MyFinancial Desktop. It will be additional information to what is already posting.

No, Open Balances are only available for current open time periods. For example, when viewing the Budget Summary report, the time periods in which Open Balances will be visible is the current month, biennium and fiscal year.

It is possible your default settings are preventing the information from displaying on your reports. Please view the Settings training on the eLearning page here to learn how to update settings for MyFinancial Desktop.

The Encumbrance and Open Balance report will list the order number and title in the report relating to the open balance amount. Further information can be viewed in Ariba.

At this time, the BI Portal reports will remain as they currently are. These reports will be enhanced with the Open Balance information at a later date.

Review this order in Ariba. MyFD pulls information directly from Ariba and should be reflecting it's current status. The information should be a day behind the current data in Ariba.

No, not at this time. But there is a report available in Ariba to view Open Balances along with the Encumbrance and Open Balance Report in MyFinancial Desktop.