October 2009

In this Issue:

  • Announcing a new vendor registration form
  • NEW Policy flexibility for payments to Research Subjects $50 or less!
  • UW Technology Working Group Sub-teams taking action
  • GCA & ARRA
  • GCA Launches Auto Final Invoice Process
  • eCommerce News: eProcurement eInvoicing & PaymentNet enhancements
  • The Global Support website is a useful resource for Foreign National questions
  • eFECS Update
  • NEW Online Method to monitor your department’s outstanding invoices over $10K!
  • eVerify – A New Federal Contract Requirement


Announcing a Vendor Registration form for new vendors with the University of Washington

Procurement Services, in collaboration with the Business Diversity Program and campus customers, have created a new Vendor Registration Form to meet increased state and federal reporting requirements. We have attempted to implement these new requirements in as flexible and clear manner. The Vendor Registration form should be completed by new vendors not currently in the PAS vendor file and submitted to Procurement Services. To complete the form, determine whether your vendor is currently I the file and for additional instructions and other information, please refer to:
The Procurement Customer Service team (pcshelp@uw.edu / 206.543.4500) can assist with any questions you may have about the new form.


Change of policy for collecting SSN for one time Research Subject payments of $50 or less

While we strongly encourage researchers to obtain social security numbers for all research subjects, when research objectives could be compromised by requesting the number and the payment is a onetime payment of $50 or less, the requirement to obtain a Social Security number is waived if the objectives of the research. This flexibility is not able to be offered for research subjects who are known to be foreign nationals. Thus, tax identification numbers should always be obtained for foreign nationals regardless of the dollar amount.
For more information, see:

http://www.washington.edu/admin/finserv/bankops/rschsubjects.html or
Contact Karen Long at klong@uw.edu with questions.


10 UW Technology Working Group Sub-teams Taking Action

In its September 2008 report to President Emmert, the UW Technology Working Group developed recommendations for stabilizing UW Technology and building a solid, sustainable financial foundation. The Working Group has since formed 10 sub-teams to complete the critical projects that support those recommendations which will result in improvements to UW Technology as well as improved institutional oversight. For additional details on the teams, their charge and timelines visit: http://www.washington.edu/uwtech/workgroup.html
For more information contact Pat Bonner, OIM Project Manager, pbonner@u.washington.edu, 616-0491



GCA has established a team specifically to support ARRA reporting requirements. Contact information will be displayed on the UW ARRA website, and is as follows: http://www.washington.edu/research/gca/recovery/index.html

GCA ARRA Team email is uw-arra@u.washington.edu ; Analysts available for assistance include Donna Parks (206.685.2960), Cecilia Pittman (206.616.9009), Sal Russo (206.685.4017) and Katherine Sidener (206.616.7664); Project Lead is Janet Bissonette (206.685.1345). Please contact Janet Bissonette at jb29@u.washington.edu with questions.


GCA Launches Auto Final Invoice Process

Faced with more stringent invoicing requirements, GCA has tackled the challenge with the July 2009 launch of the new Auto Final Invoice Process. Phase 1 of this project resulted in more streamlined communication with campus, less manual handling of final invoices, and a more timely generation of final invoices to our sponsors. Phase 2 will include additional sponsor invoices and streamlining GCA’s internal portion of the final invoicing process.
For more information see: http://www.washington.edu/research/gca/mram/month/MRAM%20Auto%20Final%20Invoice%20Process.pptx or contact Michael DeShazo at mdeshazo@u.washington.edu with questions.


eCommerce News:

The eCommerce enhancements are moving along as planned.
· eProcurement eInvoicing project rolled out the week of August 10th. A list of participating suppliers will be posted on the eProcurement website. For more information visit  http://www.washington.edu/admin/stores/eprocurement/
· ProCurement Card/PaymentNet enhancements rolled out on September 10th. For more information on the enhancements visit http://www.washington.edu/admin/finserv/procard/

Global Support Website: A resource for questions about Foreign Nationals

As the fall quarter starts up, remember the Global Support website (http://f2.washington.edu/fm/globalsupport/ ) is a helpful resource for your questions regarding payment to foreign nationals. Check out the payment flowcharts and checklists to guide you through the process and find links to all of the necessary paperwork. The contact list on the right hand side will direct you to contacts in each department responsible for payments to foreign nationals.
Additional questions may be directed to Kate Riley at kater@uw.edu (6-1603).

eFECS Update

The eFECS project is making a final push to be ready for beta testing this fall and a system launch early next year. The project team will be holding broad campus demos and feedback sessions in August and September, and finalizing the list of participants interested in beta testing the new system! For more information, go to the project website at: http://www.washington.edu/sio/efecs/
Contact Lisa Yeager at lyeager2@uw.edu or Dawna Grand at dgrand@uw.edu with questions.


NEW Online Method to monitor your department’s outstanding invoices over $10,000!!

Invoices over $10,000 in value require an authorized department approval before payment can be released to the vendor. Accounts Payable launched a webpage during biennium close to help department fiscal staff and administrators monitor and approve the invoices were being held for their unit. Thanks to much supportive feedback, we have decided to make this a permanent fixture on our website. Please visit http://www.washington.edu/admin/finserv/payables/NonRIPqueries/NonRIP.html . For more information contact Donna Andreason at donnaand@uw.edu for more information.


eVerify – A New Federal Contract Requirement

New rules in the Federal Acquisition Requirement (FAR), which went into effect on September 8, 2009, require federal contractors, like the UW, to use the federal eVerify System to validate employment eligibility for employees working on certain covered contacts. The UW will use the system only for newly hired or current employees working directly on a covered contract, sub-contract or cost sharing agreement. Fortunately, this rule change will only impact a few departments who will be prompted by the Office of Sponsored Programs when the eVerify clause is included in contract terms and conditions In addition, training opportunities will be available to departments with current federal contracts.
Contact Heather Norberg Stewart at hnorberg@u.washington.edu with questions.