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In this Issue:

*     Financial Systems Needs Assessment   
*     Save Money with "House Brands"
*     Opting Out of Paper BAR/BSRs Saves Trees...
*     Take the Environmental Stewardship Pledge!
*     GCA has a New FAQ Page  
*     Expanded Access to UW Financial Information
*     New Buying Group in Purchasing Services!
*     ProCurement Card Reconciliation Guidance


Financial Systems Needs Assessment: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The Financial System Needs Assessment (FSNA) project is seeking input from campus about our current financial business processes and requirements for the University's new financial system. Campus input ends December 4th. 
To participate in this effort, visit the FSNA website at http://www.washington.edu/provost/oim/SPP/FSNA/ or contact the FSNA Project Team at fsna@uw.edu.

Save Money with "House Brands"

VWR has its own version of house (store) brand alternatives that can provide significant savings. For example, you can save 60% buying the VWR equivalent to Kim Wipes and 49% buying the VWR brand of nitrile gloves through VWR's eProcurement's site: www.washington.edu/admin/stores/eprocurement/vwr/vwr.html . For more information contact Chris Payne in Procurement Services at cpayne@uw.edu.
Remanufactured toner cartridges save both money and the planet. The Office Depot brand, available through eProcurement offers the same quality, yield and warranty as new cartridges and cost an average of 20% less than OEM (Original Manufacturer) brands. If you'd like to try a remanufactured cartridge in your machine, contact Claudia Christensen in Procurement Services for more information at claudiac@uw.edu.

Opting out of paper BAR/BSRs saves trees...    

All transaction data found on the paper BAR is now available in MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD). As of October 2009, 60% of budgets have already opted out. That amounts to approximately 41 cases of paper saved since November 2007! To learn more about opting out of the printed BAR/BSR's visit the MyFD website: http://www.washington.edu/admin/finacct/office/fd/help/v2/barbsroptout.html , or attend a training session to learn more about MyFD and how it can help your department's reporting needs: http://www.washington.edu/admin/finacct/office/fd/help/v2/training.html Contact the MyFD Customer Support 206-543-3877 for more information.

Take the Environmental Stewardship Pledge!           

To confirm your commitment to reducing carbon footprint, to conserving and protecting natural resources, and staying informed about the UW's sustainability initiatives, the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability office would like to encourage you to Take the Pledge! To take the UW Sustainability Pledge and learn more about it and other sustainability opportunities, link to: http://green.washington.edu/pledge
The Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability office has also launched the Husky Green Fund, a voluntary gift fund for staff, faculty and alumni donors that supports University-wide sustainability initiatives. You can donate online through the Combined Fund Drive and use charity code "1479534".
Visit green.washington.edu for more information.

GCA Has a New FAQ Page

See the new page at http://www.washington.edu/research/gca/faq/faq01.html . GCA designed this user-friendly site to answer questions they receive on a regular basis. If you have any FAQ's for posting on this site, please email to gcaques@u.washington.edu 

Expanded Access to UW Financial Information                            

On March 10, 2009 the Provost and Senior Vice President signed a new policy which opens Financial Accounting System (FAS) data to any authorized UW employee needing to perform cross unit and other financial analyses. To read the guideline document, and to request access to reports that allow cross unit access to financial data, please visit the DMC web site at: http://www.washington.edu/provost/oim/dmc/
For additional information, please email dmc-support@uw.edu .

New Buying Group in Purchasing Services! 

The materials, repair, and operations (MRO) and scientific buying groups have merged to form a new group - Goods and Services (aka G&S Group). This will benefit customers in many ways: faster response time, one team to contact, cross-trained staff, consistent information and much more. The new group email for the team is purgands@u.washington.edu.

ProCurement Card Reconciliation Guidance

ProCurement Card Reconciliation Best Practices class is offered weekly. To register go to http://www.washington.edu/admin/finserv/procard//training.htm and for additional reconciliation guidance go to: http://www.washington.edu/admin/finserv/procard//bestpractice.htm