Happy (almost!) Spring! There's lots to talk about! This issue of FMNews includes information about the following:

* Go eTravel and Go Green!
* The University's 2009 Annual Report is on the Web
* Who are the SME?
* New eProcurement Catalog for Praxair
* Recycled paper: It's the LAW!
* New Supplier Registration Form
* Playing Catch Up with MRAM
* eFECS Online FEC
* eProcurement System Upgrade Nearly Complete!
* Exceptional Purchases
* ARRA Update
* Get ProCard Invoices Online and Save Money Too!

Go eTravel and Go Green!

The new eTravel system provides a paperless, green way to submit TEVs. The last day for processing travel reimbursements using a paper Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) is June 15, 2010. eTravel allows reimbursements to be submitted, approved, and paid on-line 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Let us help you prepare for eTravel!

For more information see: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/travel/etravel or contact Teresa Crisostomo at 685-3070 or tcris@uw.edu

The University's 2009 Annual Report is on the Web

The University's 2009 audited Annual Report is now available on the web. The report includes financial highlights and statements that summarize the University's operations and financial position. The report is available as an Adobe document and in webpage format. Prior years' reports are available there as well. See the report at http://www.annualreport.uw.edu

If you have questions or comments, feel free to call the Financial Accounting staff at 1-7845, or email: accountg@uw.edu.

Who are the SME?

Have you ever wanted to know about a particular business issue, but didn't know who to call, or where to start? Financial Management has developed a Subject Matter Expert (SME) list for FM business operations at the University and it's now available on the Financial Management website. Give this handy tool a try next time you need to know who to call for Financial Management business services!

See the SME at http://f2.washington.edu/fm/sme-list or for more information
contact Karen Long at 221-0220 or klong@uw.edu

New eProcurement Catalog for Praxair

A new, improved Praxair eProcurement catalog for compressed and liquid gases is now available! New features include an automated approval process for toxic gas orders, and the ability for users to set up standing orders in eProcurement.

See the new catalog at:

Training is available at http://www.washington.edu/admin/stores/eprocurement/
For questions, contact the eProcurement team at eprocure@uw.edu

Recycled paper: It's now the LAW!

The UW Paper Reduction Project Team has formed to communicate, implement and provide metrics for Senate Bill 2287, passed in the 2009 session. The new legislation requires state agencies to use 100% recycled paper, reduce paper use by 30% beginning July 2010, and to recycle all office paper.

For more information, see https://wiki.admin.washington.edu/display/ESS/Paper,
see SB2287. Contact Katy Folk-Way (kfolk@uw.edu) for questions.

New Supplier Registration Form

Departments doing business with suppliers who are not in the PAS (Purchasing Accounting System) vendor file can now provide required information to Procurement Services with a new form that captures all key data elements for vendor file setup. Please feel free to share this new process with your vendors.

The form, instructions for use and a supplier search tutorial for new suppliers and those already in PAS can be found online at http://www.washington.edu/finserv/payables/Registration/index.html.

Please contact Procurement Customer Service at 543-4500 or email pcshelp@u.washington.edu with any questions.

Playing Catch Up with MRAM

You can catch up on Monthly Research Administrator Meetings (MRAM) via audio/video recordings. Starting in late February, 2010, GCA and OSP will offer links with detailed instructions on the MRAM website http://www.washington.edu/research/gca/mram/ .

For more information please contact Ann Guss at 206-543- 6453 or

eFECS Online FEC

eFECs will be ready to roll out to campus in early April. User testing by 50 campus users is currently underway and includes a new online faculty effort reporting system that will offer improved tools and processes to certify effort on sponsored projects. Administrators will see overnight revisions to effort reports that include salary transfers submitted via the Financial Desktop.

This and more improvements are the result of a collaborative effort by OIM, UW Management Accounting and Analysis, and teams of departmental administrators.

Please contact Gwen Trentham at 206-543-7469 or gat3@u.washington.edu if you
have questions.

eProcurement System Upgrade Nearly Complete!

Over 80% of eProcurement suppliers on now on e-Invoicing, which eliminates the double-shipping costs and other charges we were incurring. For the vast majority of purchases, eProcurement is now the only method campus should use to purchase goods from those particular suppliers. Buyers in Purchasing Services can assist in transitioning orders from other methods.

Please contact the Procurement Customer Service team at 3-4500 or email pcshelp@u.washington.edu with any questions.

eProcurement Exception Purchases

Although the majority of purchases under $3300 can be purchased through eProcurement or the ProCurement card, there are still exceptions. For more information on the types of purchases under $3300 that should continue to utilize the PAS system, please see http://www.washington.edu/admin/finserv/payables/PASreqentry/DBLexceptionsJun0

Please contact Procurement Customer Service team at 3-4500 or email
pcshelp@u.washington.edu with any questions.

ARRA Update

Since February 17, 2009 when President Obama signed The Recovery Act, the UW has received 408 awards worth $190,319,615 (which translates into 500 new budget numbers). The National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) continue as the primary sources of ARRA funds received by the UW: $100,310,997 from NIH and an additional $77,590,717 from NSF. Our outstanding research faculty at the UW continue their success!!

Please contact Janet Bissonette at jb29@u.washington.edu if you have questions.

Get ProCard Invoices Online and Save Money Too!

To reduce the pain of documentation retention, Procurement Services is signing up suppliers that offer online account management tools, including invoice review and retrieval. Some of these suppliers are also offering discounts when you purchase with the ProCard. So start saving now - and be green at the same time! - by getting more information at http://www.washington.edu/admin/finserv/procard or contact Aris Gempesaw at arisg@uw.edu or 543-9183.