Summer July 2010 

 Happy Summer!! 
This issue of the Financial Management Newsletter includes information about the following:
  • eFECS Launched!
  • Invoice Receivables System Implemented
  • New GCCR Reports Will Save Time and Paper
  • Program Income Guidance and Procedures
  • Grant and Contract Accounting - Automated financial reports and NOE letters
  • Cell Phone Service Changes Effective July 1, 2010
  • Fiscal Year Deadlines
  • Go Green Tip:   “Print Less and Save Money”
  • Electronic Reimbursement Project Underway!
  • Cash and Cash Equivalent Awards Suspended
  • Supplier Tax ID Collection Process
eFECS Launched!
Online Faculty Effort Certification reports were successfully launched in April for academic departments that report quarterly. The next launch, targeted for late July, will include departments reporting on a 6 month calendar cycle.
More information can be found on the eFECS website:
Invoice Receivables System Implemented
Invoice Receivables has implemented a new system as of July 1st!   Invoice Receivables assists campus departments issuing invoices with billing and collection needs.  The new system will provide many enhancements for departmental users, such as online access to invoice information, and will also allow for multiple improvements to the IR process. 
If you have questions, or would like to discuss how Invoice Receivables might assist you in meeting your receivables needs, contact Robin Elliott at
New GCCR Reports Will Save Time and Paper
Beginning in October 2010, the new quarterly Grant & Contract Certification Reports (GCCR) will be available in the Enterprise Data Warehouse.  ASTRA administrators can now enroll staff responsible for the GCCR process in a new GCCR Report Generator role.  No more monthly printed GCCRs! 
More information can be found on the Management Accounting and Analysis website at
Program Income Guidance and Procedures
GCA publishes guidance and procedures related to Program Income.  The information is available on the GCA web site at:  
For questions contact:  Ted Mordhorst at 
Grant and Contract Accounting - Automated Financial Reports
To ensure on-time submission, starting in August financial status reports (FSRs) will be automated and submitted prior to/or on the Report Due Date. Reports are based on expenditures posted as of the Final Action Date on the Notice of Expiration (NOE) letter.  Expenditures posted after the Final Action Date (not included in the report), will become the department’s responsibility. 
Please contact your GCA Team or  with questions.
Cell Phone Service Purchasing Changes Effective July 1, 2010
The University’s new method to purchase cell phones and to pay cellular bills is with the UW ProCurement Card. UW Information Technology will work with the campus to transition department's cellular phone ordering and billing so they can be managed directly with the vendors. For full information see the ProCurement Card Services webpage:
For additional questions regarding the new procedures, please contact Donna Lipsky at or call 206-616-0208.
Fiscal Year Deadlines
Fiscal Year Close is upon us. Important deadlines for Deans, Departments, and Central Offices are in "News" at  .
Go Green Tip:   “Print Less and Save Money”
Are you on auto-click mode with the print icon? Did you know that all state agencies, including the University, are required by state law to reduce paper usage by 30%?  The UW Paper Conservation Project committee would like your stories and ideas about printing less.  
The bill mentioned above requires the University to purchase 100% recycled white bond copier/printer paper. 
Electronic Reimbursement Project Underway!
As part of the Seamless Procure to Pay Initiative, a group of central and departmental individuals are working to potentially expand the Ariba system (currently used for eProcurement and eTravel) to handle employee reimbursements. 
Please visit (PowerPoint link at bottom of the webpage) for more details of the project, or contact the project lead, Julie Condit, at 685-0571 with any questions.
Cash and Cash Equivalent Awards Suspended
Effective July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011, all cash or cash equivalent awards to state employees (includes gift cards and gift certificates), regardless of fund source are suspended. This is in response to the House Bill 2998 that took effect on February 15, 2010 and ensures a consistent institution-wide approach. As a result, Procurement Services will be unable to process any award payments, or reimburse for purchasing gift cards or cash awards for employees.
Questions may be directed to Procurement Customer Service at or 206-543-4500 or the Office of Planning and Budgeting at or 206-543-6277.
Supplier Tax ID Collection Process
Beginning July 1, Procurement Services will be required to verify that the Taxpayer ID number and the name of any 1099 reportable supplier is consistent with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) records. If there is not a match, we will hold the supplier registration (along with any payments) while we contact the vendor for the correct information. The department contact and Purchasing buyer will also be notified that the supplier is on hold until the correct information is received and confirmed.
Please visit for more details or contact Rachel Pitt, at 685-0271.