October 2010

Happy Fall!  Another great year off to the races! 
We have so much to share with you this month!  Stay tuned for another issue next Monday.
This PART ONE issue of the FMNews includes information about the following:
  • Updating department contact name in PAS
  • Online Reconciliation for MyFD!
  • First Quarterly GCCR Reports in October!
  • Effort Reporting Transition
  • GCA Makes Changes to Closing Process
  • Seven More Suppliers in eProcurement!
  • New ProCard Renewal Procedures
  • Who is Reviewing ProCard Transactions?
Updating the department contact name in PAS
Campus departments now have access to update the “department contact” on their PAS purchase orders. Updating this information will help central offices contact the correct individual regarding PO's and invoices. The updated name will appear on RIP and NONRIP notices and communication sent from Accounts Payable.
See instructions at http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/change-dept-contact.   For questions please contact pschelp@uw.edu.
Online Reconciliation for MyFD!
The MyFinancial.desktop Team will release the first set of online reconciliation tools to campus this month.  A training class for MyFD users with focus on the new online reconciliation tools will be offered in late October/early November. For information pertaining to the first phase of the release, please visit  http://myfd.washington.edu/help/projectupdate/.  See the MyFD Newsletter at  http://myfd.washington.edu/help/myfdnews for class schedules.
Contact Dawna Grand at 206-221-5486 for more information.
First Quarterly GCCR Reports in October!
Are you ready for the new quarterly GCCR Reports?  Email notification will be sent in early October to individuals set up in the “Report Generator” role indicating reports are ready to run.
If you have questions please visit the GCCR website at http://f2.washington.edu/fm/maa/gccr or contact Suzette Ashby-Larrabee at suzette@uw.edu or 206-685-7395.
Effort Reporting Transition
Schools/colleges currently reporting faculty effort quarterly will transition to a six month reporting cycle starting with the spring 2010 academic term.  The transition will result in combining the spring/summer quarters (3/16 to 9/15) together and the fall/winter (9/16 to 3/15) quarters together. 
For more information see the eFECS website: https://f2.washington.edu/fm/efecs/
GCA Makes Changes to Closing Process
GCA recently implemented a change to its closing process and is now setting budgets to status 4 while waiting for the sponsor to submit a final payment.  Accounting Flag 24, that prevents a budget from purging from FAS at the end of the biennium, is being used in conjunction with status 4. You can see if Accounting Flag 24 has been activated by looking on FIN screen 4 or the MyFinancial.desktop Budget Profile. 
Please contact Doug Kramer at 206-685-2875 or dkramer@uw.edu with questions.
Seven (yes, that's 7) More Suppliers in eProcurement!
We’re pleased to announce the addition of 7 new suppliers into eProcurement over the past couple of months, bringing the total number of catalogs to 27. Many improvements have been implemented in eProcurement, with many suppliers now offering e-Invoicing and quotes, giving the campus more practical purchasing choices in eProcurement than ever before!
For more information please call: 543-4500, email: pcshelp@uw.edu or visit eProcurement.
New ProCard Renewal Procedures
Beginning September 2010, all UW ProCard renewals (cards are renewed every 3 years) will require a short online class and refresher quiz to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of ProCard use and purchasing regulations and policies.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ProCard Services at procard@uw.edu or 543-5252.
Who is Reviewing ProCard Transactions?
A primary principle for strong internal controls is the assurance of separation of duties. It is critical that departments periodically assess whether if the right people are still in the best position to review cardholder transactions.  An easy way to do this is to review cardholder profiles in JPMorgan Chase.
For additional guidance, please contact Aris Gempesaw at 543-5252 or arisg@uw.edu.