0CT0BER 2010

Below is the promised PART TWO of our newsletter for October.  This issue includes information about the following:
  • CBSR Design Opportunity
  • New Tax Office Website
  • What's the Husky Green Fund?
  • UW Sustainability Summit - October 20 - Save the date
  • FY 2008 Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate Proposal Update
  • Save Time with GrantTracker!
  • Sponsoring Supplier Fairs
  • Two-sided printing saves paper!
  • New Supplier Registration under Development
  • Direct Buy Limit Now at $3,500
CBSR Design Opportunity
The Finance and Facilities Decision Support Center is evaluating replacement of the existing paper-based Consolidated Budget Status Report with a paperless, self-service, online report.
If you’re interested in consulting on the design of the replacement report, please contact dschelp@uw.edu. Expected time commitment is 6-8 hours over a three month time period.
New Tax Office Website
The Tax Office has a new website! Please take a look and let us know if there is anything else you'd like to see.
Please use the Feedback button on the website or contact Julia Shanahan at jeshana@uw.edu or 616-3003.   http://f2.washington.edu/fm/tax/home
What's the Husky Green Fund?
Find out how you can take part in creating a sustainable UW.  Learn about the UW Husky Green Fund at this year's Combined Fund Drive (CFD) Charity Event on October 13th. 
Visit the CFD website for more information: http://www.washington.edu/uwcfd/
UW Sustainability Summit - October 20 - Save the date!
Students, faculty and staff are invited to meet and chat and share ideas with campus sustainability groups and learn about the new UW Campus Sustainability Fund and the University’s sustainability commitment through the Climate Action Plan.  In addition, best practices for campus sustainability efforts will be presented at display tables, and further discussed with break-out group discussions. 
If you are interested in exhibiting at the Sustainability Summit, contact uwcsf@uw.edu or see the Sustainability Summit event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124684847580609&index=1
FY 2008 Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate Proposal Update
In mid-October, the Health and Human Services Division of Cost Allocation (DCA) will conduct a site visit on the UW campus.  DCA will meet with representatives of the proposal development team and select a sample of departments to interview.  MAA has already notified selected departments and is working with appropriate staff in anticipation of the visits. 
If you have any questions about the DCA site visit, please contact Cristi Chapman (cristic@uw.edu).   MAA anticipates negotiation of final F&A rates with DCA during the same time and will notify campus of the results as soon as they are final.
Save Time with GrantTracker!
GrantTracker, a centralized data and information access hub, saves users an average 1.9 hours per week.  A central communication portal between campus and GCA, GrantTracker is constantly adding new components, more information, and technical enhancements.  Additional GT training is planned for fall.  Get up-to-date grant and contract information to manage existing awards and new awards at https://gcaserver.finance.washington.edu/gca/gt/sdlsearch.aspx .
For questions about GrantTracker, please email gcagt@u.washington.edu .
Sponsoring Supplier Fairs
Campus departments may be approached by outside companies who want to host "Supplier Fairs" on campus. These companies rent space on campus and charge suppliers a fee to set up a table at the fair to promote their products to campus customers. If your department is approached by one of these companies and asked to act as a sponsor, please refer them to Procurement Services for assistance and coordination. Procurement Services will ensure consistency with UW guidelines for such events.
Contact Carla Helm at 543-8056, or email chelm@uw.edu.
Two-sided printing saves paper!
To comply with a new state law that requires a 30% reduction in paper use, the university has created the Paper Conservation Project Team to showcase best practices for departments.  Additionally, copier vendors will go to each of the 1600 copiers on campus, and where permitted by the department, change the default settings to 2-sided printing.  This action alone could help us reach the 30% goal.  Thanks for your support!
For more information contact Katy Folk-Way at kfolk@uw.edu or 543-3481.
New Supplier Registration under Development
Procurement Services has undertaken a LEAN project to revise and improve the “Supplier Registration” process. This will:
•       Simplify to reduce the number of steps and the time to register a supplier
•       Standardize to establish an easy to use, efficient process to submit supplier information
In the short term, please use supplier registration form at: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/info-for-suppliers/registration.
For more information, please contact Alex Belov at: 543-0816 or lexa@uw.edu
To learn more about Finance and Facilities LEAN efforts, explore http://f2.washington.edu/lean.
Direct Buy Limit Now at $3,500
Beginning October 18th, the purchasing direct buy limit will increase to $3,500. As a result, the single transaction limit on UW ProCurement Cards that are at the current direct buy limit of $3,300 will be updated to $3500 (UWMC  & HMC will not be updated automatically).
Please contact the ProCard office (procard@uw.edu or 543-5252) if you would like to opt out of this automatic limit increase.