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We have much to share this month and thus have organized our items as follows:

Finance & Reporting

• The Financial Management Awareness Toolkit
• New Online Unmet Cost Share Report
• New MyFD Releases in February
• Advisories about Smart Phones and Online Activity
• Are you looking for a copy of a JV?
• Tax Office will offer more training this year
• SFS Reports Online
• UW 2010 Annual Report on the Web
• See your e-Invoices in MyFinancial.desktop!


• Microsoft Home Use Program
• Procurement Desktop Reports Coming Soon
• New eProcurement Suppliers
• NON-RIP Invoices Pending
• Distribution of paper checks for suppliers & travel reimbursements transitions to Creative Communications
• Electronic Payment Methods now available to all UW Suppliers
• Streamlining Invoice Processing
• LEAN Project in Purchasing




The Financial Management Awareness Toolkit

Visit the new FMAT website for a comprehensive look at the fiscal responsibilities of and resources available to Deans, Chancellors and Vice Presidents and Vice Provosts. You will find information about university financial operations and guidelines for stewardship. There’s something there for everyone!

See the site at
http://f2.washington.edu/fm/fmat/ Send questions or comments to Karen Long at klong@uw.edu or 221-0220.


New Online Unmet Cost Share Report

The Unmet Cost Share Report is now available online through Management Accounting & Analysis. While the format of the report is the same as the printed copy departmental administrators are accustomed to receiving quarterly, the online format offers greatly improved access, reflects real time changes and saves valuable paper and labor resources (no longer mailing paper).

For authorization send an email request to Suzette Ashby-Larrabee at suzette@u.washington.edu


New MyFD Releases in February

MyFinancial.desktop released additional enhancements to the Reconciliation Report on February 15th. Upgrades to the system will allow users to filter transactions, apply a reconciliation status to the budget/month, and monitor reconciliation status for multiple months. To learn more about our project timeline, training opportunities, or to sign up for the MyFinancial.desktop newsletter, please visit

If you have additional questions, please contact Dawna Grand at 206-221-7846.


Advisories about Smart Phones and Online Activity

The Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) webpage provides a series of advisories on smart phones, web browsing, and working remotely. The advisories identify risks and provide recommendations for UW faculty and staff.

They are available at http://ciso.washington.edu/resources/risk-advisories/ for more information contact Ann Nagel at 543-2767 or awalchuk@u.washington.edu


Are you looking for a copy of a JV?

JV’s are processed by several different departments. If you need a copy of a JV, please refer to the chart at https://f2.washington.edu/fm/bao/jvcopy to see how to initiate your request, and who to contact.


Tax Office will offer more training this year

The UW Tax Office will be offering tax classes again this year. The classes are designed to be directly relevant to campus tax issues. For more information and a link to the sign up page please see the Tax Training page at

Questions: Contact Julia Shanahan, Tax Director at jeshana@uw.edu / 616-3003


SFS Reports Online

Student Fiscal Services is making a major commitment to sustainable business practices by eliminating daily paper reports produced by the Student Database (SDB). Working in conjunction with OIM and our process partners, we have already converted many reports to PDF format and stored them on a network drive. UW staff will also have self-service access to the data they need to do their work.

For more information on available reports, see
http://www.washington.edu/uwit/im/ds/catalog/ or contact Colin Sachs at: casachs@uw.edu or 685.2451.


UW 2010 Annual Report on the Web

The University's 2010 audited Annual Report is now available on the web. The report includes financial highlights and statements that summarize the University's operations and financial position. The report is available as an Adobe document and in webpage format. Prior years' reports are available there as well. See the report at http://www.annualreport.uw.edu

If you have questions or comments, feel free to call the Financial Accounting staff at 1-7845, or email: accountg@uw.edu.


See your e-Invoices in MyFinancial.desktop!

As part of the newest online Reconciliation release (Feb 2011), The MyFinancial.desktop Team is piloting functionality which will allow users to link directly to e-Invoices within eProcurement. This link will be available for items processed on/after January 6, 2011. We know this is a highly desirable feature, and will work with our partners to identify opportunities to link to additional documents whenever possible.

Questions? Contact Dawna Grand at dgrand@uw.edu or 206-221-5486.




Microsoft Home Use Program

Purchasing Services and UW Information Technology negotiated a campus wide license with Microsoft to cover the purchase of the most commonly used software products. The agreement allows all UW faculty and staff to purchase one downloaded copy of the new Microsoft Office 2010 software for a low price of $9.99 or $22.00 if you want to purchase the CD.

For complete details, please go to Uware or contact Ray Hsu at 206 543-0793 or rayhsu@uw.edu.


Procurement Desktop Reports Coming Soon

Would you like the ability to access your Purchasing data using an online reporting tool? It’s going to happen in the spring of 2011. Procurement Services is currently working with a campus user group to develop reports that will let you inside PAS to view the status of your invoices.

Contact Debbie Dwyer at 206-543-5838 or dpdwyer@uw.edu for more information.


New eProcurement Suppliers

New eProcurement supplier catalogs that offer the campus choices in supporting small & diverse businesses include Complete Office and Keeneys Office Products, and we’ve also added another life science supplier, Millipore. There have been many supplier improvements in eProcurement recently that allow custom quotes for many of the suppliers and now most suppliers are providing eInvoicing.

For more information please contact Procurement Customer Service at: 206-543-4500 or pcshelp@uw.edu.


NON-RIP Invoices Pending

Do you have invoices over $10,000 (non-RIP) pending approval? Please visit the spreadsheet on our webpage to view invoices on hold, waiting for department approval. Before AP can release payment on invoices over $10,000 we require department approval and the date the materials or services were received. The report is updated weekly: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-pay/other/non-rip.

For questions contact Procurement Services Customer Service at 543-4500 or pshelp@uw.edu


Distribution of Paper Checks for Suppliers & Travel Reimbursements Transitions to Creative Communications

The distribution of paper checks for payments to vendors/suppliers and checks for travel reimbursement which is currently handled by Procurement Services transitioned to Creative Communication-Mailing Services unit starting February 15th. These changes, in part, were necessitated due to obsolete machinery and irreparable break-downs. There will be two phases, the first of which will maintain check pick-up in the Purchasing Accounting Building. Note that this new process, for those that receive, for example, travel reimbursements via campus mail, this transition will be transparent.

More information is available at:


Electronic Payment Methods now available to all UW Suppliers

Last year Procurement Services, in collaboration with Bank of America, offered two new electronic payment methods to our suppliers; ePayables (Bankcard) and PayMode (ACH). During Phase 1, we reached out to key suppliers to offer these electronic payment methods. We have extended this to all UW Suppliers, including IT suppliers.

More information is available at
http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-pay/payment-methods .


Streamlining invoice Processing

Accounts Payable is currently going through a LEAN project to streamline their process for invoices paid on a purchase order through PAS. The goals for this team are to:
• Find the most efficient way for AP to receive invoices
• Explore alternative options for sending invoices to departments for review and approval (RIP and NonRIP process)
• Improve the cycle time for processing invoices and resolving discrepancies

For more information on this and other LEAN projects, please visit the F2 Lean site at - https://f2.washington.edu/lean/projects


Lean Project in Purchasing

Purchasing Services is currently engaged in the Purchase Process Workflow LEAN project. The key project goals are;
• Reduce the number of steps in the purchasing process
• Increase customer satisfaction by making the process more visible and understandable
• Increase contract utilization
• Reduce transactions in PAS by exploring alternative tools, such as Ariba

For more information on this and other LEAN projects, please visit the F2 Lean site at -