Happy New Year!  This issue of the Financial Management Newsletter includes items on the following:
New Tools for You!
  •  The Administrator Toolkit
  •  New Training Grant Webpage
  •  UW Contracts Now Online and Searchable
  •  New Tool for Locating Unclaimed Funds
  •  eFECS Online Certification Launch in January 2012
  •  Thank you from the Travel Office 
Procurement and Finance Updates
  •  New On-Campus Copy and Mail Center
  •  RIP/Non-RIP Process Change in Accounts Payable
  •  Reverse Expenditure Form Is Discontinued
  •  Updated F&A/Fringe Benefit Rate Agreement Now Available
  •  eProcurement/Ariba Extension Project Matrix
  •  Save 15%-30% on Equipment Maintenance
  •  1099 Tax Reporting Time Again...
  •  What's the Business Purpose for That?
  •  Green Campus Initiative - Reduce Paper Use and Save Energy
New Tools for You!
The Administrator Toolkit
The Administrator Toolkit http://f2.washington.edu/fm/toolkit portal pulls together key financial, operational and compliance information critical in the day to day responsibilities of a departmental administrator.  Developed by a team of central and departmental administrators, the aim is to assist in the evaluation of compliance risks, the evaluation of internal controls, and other helpful information.
For questions or suggestions, please call Mary Jane Mackay at 206 543-3854 or email mjmackay@uw.edu
New Training Grant Webpage
GCA, OSP and campus departments have partnered to create a comprehensive webpage on training grants. It provides information for all stages of award management, from proposal to award closeout. The webpage currently addresses NIH institutional training grants, but more information will be added at a later date regarding other types of training grants.
For more information, please contact Gretchen Davis Richey at gsd@uw.edu.
UW Contracts Now Online and Searchable
A new Procurement Services website allows UW departments to easily search a contract repository for frequently purchased goods and services. These contracts are available for use by all UW departments. Procurement Services will continue to update the website with additional contracts as they become available: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-buy/contracts/uw-contracts.
If you are unable to locate a contract or price agreement for the product or service you need, please email Procurement Customer Service at pcshelp@uw.edu or call 206-543-4500.
New Tool for Locating Unclaimed Funds:
If your department has been expecting incoming ACH or Wire funds but has not received them yet, please review https://f2.washington.edu/fm/bao/unclaimed-wires-uwstaff .   If you find any belonging to you, fill out the online cash transmittal form at http://f2.washington.edu/fm/bao/CTform to make your claim.  The site will be updated periodically, so be sure to check it from time to time.
If you have additional questions you may contact bankrec@uw.edu, or call Stephanie McCarthy at 543-8846.
eFECS Online Certification Launch in January 2012
eFECS Online Certification will be launching in January 2012 for calendar reporters. This upgrade will replace the paper based certification process and provide faculty and FEC Coordinators with new tools for completing Faculty Effort Certifications.
Thank you from the Travel Office
We would like to thank everyone involved in Phase II of eTravel implementation – Direct Deposit, particularly to our pilot departments, Procurement Services and UWIT. We went live in November 2011.  In two short weeks, 74.1% of all travel payments were processed through direct deposit, resulting in:
  •  Reduction in the number of checks reported lost or misplaced
  •  Elimination of trips to the bank to deposit checks
  •  Decreased processing time and costs
Thanks to everyone for making this a successful launch of a long awaited service!
Procurement and Finance Updates
New On-Campus Copy and Mail Center
Creative Communications opened a new combined Copy & Mail Center offering one-stop convenience to the UW community.  Located in the old Copy Center location in the basement of the Communications Building, the new shop offers a wide variety of services at competitive prices, including personal mail processing, stamp sales (including UW-branded stamps), mailing/shipping supplies and freight shipping, plus letters and packages via FedEx, UPS and US Postal Service.  Copy services include color and black & white printing, poster printing, booklet binding and UW-branded seasonal cards.
For more information see the new web portal at http://c2.washington.edu/copy-mail-center.
RIP/Non-RIP Process Change in Accounts Payable
Effective January 1, 2012, Accounts Payable is no longer printing and distributing RIP/Non-RIP notices to campus departments.   If your responsibilities include the review and approval of invoices scheduled for payment, please sign up for a newly developed PDR (Procurement Desktop Report) that will provide Rip/Non-Rip data at your fingertips any time you need it. Instructions on how to locate and view your invoices is available here: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/pdr/access-pas-po
Questions?  Contact Julie Condit at 206-685-0571 or jacondit@uw.edu.  Need training? Classes are full through the end of the year, but you can add your name to a class wait list here: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/training-events/classroom-training/pdr-waitlist
Reverse Expenditure Form Is Discontinued
The reverse expenditure form has been retired. In the future, please us the Cash transmittal form.  This can be merged with an existing cash transmittal process, or done separately. For questions please contact bankrec@uw.edu, or see the web instructions at:  http://www.washington.edu/admin/finmgmt/sfs/cash/cash.html

If you have additional questions you may contact bankrec@uw.edu, or call Greg Miller at 543-0350 or email gmiller@uw.edu.
Updated F&A/Fringe Benefit Rate Agreement Now Available
Annually, the Department of Health and Human Services reviews and approves the University’s fringe benefit rates.  The approved fringe benefit rates are included as a part of the University’s Facilities and Administrative Rate Agreement.  The updated rate agreement reflecting fringe benefit rates for FY 2012 is available online:
If you have questions, please contact Cristi Chapman (cristic@uw.edu) or Dan Schaaf (schaafd@uw.edu).
eProcurement/Ariba Extension Project Matrix
Having trouble keeping track of all of the eProcurement/Ariba Extension projects and what it means to your business processes?   We list the projects in our Procurement Project Pipeline, but we also list the Extension Projects in a matrix that links each project with the type of transaction it is to be used for, and the old process it will replace.
Questions? Please contact us by emailing pcshelp@uw.eduor call 206-543-4500.
Save 15%-30% on Equipment Maintenance
Consider using Specialty Underwriters for your scientific equipment maintenance needs.  UW has a campus-wide contract with Specialty Underwriters which covers a wide variety of scientific equipment, with potential savings of 15-30% over maintenance costs from manufacturers.  Several campus departments have switched maintenance to Specialty Underwriters and are very satisfied with the service and the savings!  
For more information, please visit the Specialty Underwriters webpage: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/maintenance/specialty-underwriters or contact Carla Helm at chelm@uw.edu or 543-8056.
1099 Tax Reporting Time Again...
Research subject payments made by field advance, revolving fund, or gift card should be recorded by departments throughout the year. If any one individual received a total of $600 or more in the 2011 calendar year, those payments will need to be reported to UW Procurement Services Tax Desk by January 6th, 2012 for 1099 MISC reporting.
Please use this link for more information:
If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Wipf at ten99@uw.edu or 206-685-0159.
What's the Business Purpose for That Purchase?
As in previous State Auditor assessments, recording the business purpose for a purchase has once again emerged as a common theme. Regardless of purchasing method, business purpose documentation should be recorded for purchases whose purpose is not readily evident.
Check Requests require a brief description of the "business purpose" for your purchases and if you’re not doing it in the transaction note box for your ProCard purchases, you should consider that a best practice going forward. 
Please contact Procurement Customer Service at pcshelp@uw.edu or 543-4500 with any questions.
Green Campus Initiative - Reduce Paper Use and Save Energy
Your department may qualify for a new energy efficient, duplex capable printer. The UW Paper Conservation Team and the UW Purchasing Department have partnered with Office Depot and HP to provide qualifying campus departments with a free printer upgrade.  If your department is interested, please fill out the HP PurchasEdge survey to find out if your department qualifies for a free upgrade, or contact David Wright at djwright@uw.edu or 616-7076.