Happy Valentine’s Month!  This issue of the Financial Management Newsletter includes the following items:

  • Annual Supplier Fair on February 20!
  • Training for Research Space Survey
  • FY 2013 F&A Proposal Departmental Task List Now Available
  • Tax Time for Students Too!
  • Husky Green Award Nominations
  • GCA’s New Follow-up Process
  • Managed Print Services Will Save You Money$$
  • 2012 Financial Report is now Online 
  • Closing All Old or Expired Purchase Orders in PAS 
  • Pickup location for AP Checks has moved to Mailing Services
  • UW Contracts Update: Pricing Agreements


Save the Date:  Annual Supplier Fair on February 20!!

The 7th Annual UW Supplier Fair, hosted by Procurement Services and the Business Diversity Program, will be held on February 20th. This year’s free event will be in the new HUB North Ballroom from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. The fair will showcase over 50 suppliers who are either in eProcurement, on contract with UW or are a small, local, minority or are a woman owned business.

Please register to attend by clicking on this link:  https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/akbattle/186537

We hope to see you there! Feedback from prior fairs suggest it’s time well-spent!


FY 2013 F&A Proposal Departmental Task List Now Available

MAA has developed a new campus checklist for the FY 2013 F&A proposal.  The checklist provides a summary of tasks campus units need to complete for the proposal, useful links to key resources, and deadlines:


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the F&A proposal team at fahelp@uw.edu


Training for Research Space Survey

Management Accounting & Analysis (MAA) invites to you one of the following training sessions on the upcoming F&A Space Functionalization Process.  Please RSVP for training sessions at fahelp@uw.edu.   

•       February 4th, 2013 – 9:15-10:45am (South Campus Center 303)

•       February 5th, 2013 – 9:30-11am (HUB 214)

•       March 4th, 2013 – 9:15-10:45am (South Campus Center 303)

•       March 5th, 2013 – 9:30-11am (HUB 214)

The training will provide an overview and step-by-step instructions on how to functionalize (or survey) your research space.  We will also discuss red flags and other issues, review examples, and provide key deadlines for the survey process.

For further information see the Space Survey 2013 page: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/maa/fa or contact Christi Chapman at cristic@uw.edu or at 206-543-9985.


Tax Time for Students Too!

The IRS offers two tax credits for students and their families to offset educational expenses. The American Opportunity Tax Credit is for students in the undergraduate program; the Lifetime Learning tax credit is for students in all other programs.

Student Fiscal Services will issue a 1098T tax form to students for determining eligibility for claiming one of the tax credits (for tuition paid) or whether funds received as scholarship or financial aid should be considered income. 

For more information, see the SFS tax website:   http://f2.washington.edu/fm/sfs/tax/credits,

or email: taxquest@uw.edu or call: 206-221-2609.


Husky Green Award Nominations

If you know leaders of environmental sustainability on UW campus, you can show how much you appreciate them through the University of Washington's Husky Green Award. 

The 4th Annual Husky Green Award calls for nominations for any student, faculty and staff member of the UW community demonstrating leadership, initiative and dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Submit your nomination online by March 30, 2013:  http://green.washington.edu/ess/hga

Winners will be announced at this year's Earth Day Celebration in April. 

For more information contact the UW Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability office at oess@uw.edu.


GCA’s New Follow-up Process

GCA has implemented a follow-up process to use when requests for information (related to invoices, financial reports, or closing budgets) are unanswered by campus partners.  More about this new process can be found at http://f2.washington.edu/fm/gca/gca-follow-process

Please contact gcahelp@uw.edu with questions.


Managed Print Services Will Save You Money $$

Managed Print Services (MPS) is coming!  MPS will be a new service, in partnership with a key external supplier, to streamline and improve how we copy and print documents.  All while saving up to 25% over current costs and enhancing environmental sustainability!!  

Equipment, toner, supplies (excluding paper), maintenance, guaranteed service levels, and detailed account usage are all included in the service.

For more information, go to: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/home/procurement-services-news#MPS_few_weeks_away

or contact Carla Helm at chelm@uw.edu or 206-543-8056.


2012 Financial Report is now Online 

The Report to Stakeholders website was developed as an online repository for the Annual Financial Reports dating back to 2000. The website brings the 2012 financial report to life with supporting stories and metrics which are updated with current information and rankings throughout the year.

You can view the annual report on the UW’s Financial Management website at:



Closing All Old or Expired Purchase Orders in PAS 

Procurement Services has taken on another project in which we are reviewing, analyzing and closing old and expired PAS purchase orders to reduce the volume of paper invoices processed by Accounts Payable and to reinforce the utilization of eProcurement modules that are replacing the purchasing functionality of PAS.

For more information go to: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/home/procurement-services-news#closing_PO_s_in_PAS

or please contact Michelle Schrader at michells@uw.edu or 206 685-0378.


Pickup location for AP Checks has moved to Mailing Services

AP check pickup location moved to Mailing Services as of January 16th. Please note that you can continue to request to have special handling checks sent to your box number instead of flagging it for pickup.

Go here for more information: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/home/procurement-services-news#pick-up_location


UW Contracts Update: Pricing Agreements

Although most of the contracts posted on the UW Contracts webpage were competitively bid and may be used by campus customers at any dollar amount, some contracts indicate that purchases may only be made up to the current direct buy limit of $10,000. Procurement Services has negotiated special discounts, terms and conditions to benefit UW customers for these small dollar purchases.

To learn more: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/home/procurement-services-news#pricing_agreements