I am pleased to announce a new program for departmental copying and printing for the University of Washington!  We have just dried the ink on a long term contract with Ricoh USA for “Managed Print Services”.  This strategic partnership, a service being offered to campus units by Creative Communications and Procurement Services, both units in Financial Management, has the potential to transform the printing and copying of documents by streamlining the acquisition and use of departmental copiers and printers…and for most, at a reduced cost with sustainability benefits as well!

The University of Washington prints or copies about 166 million sheets of paper annually.  Most departments have multiple vendor contracts for printers, copiers and supplies resulting in complex billing and increasingly complicated technology options.  Managed Print Services (MPS), an emerging industry best practice, can save up to 25% of current print and copy costs for departments that choose this option.

How MPS Works

The best news about MPS is that Ricoh does most of the work!  Upon request (see UW contact point below), Ricoh will provide a free, data-driven assessment of current departmental print and copy equipment and practices, followed by recommendations for equipment, supplies and service that can save the department both money and administrative time.  MPS provides multifunctional devices which copy/print/fax/scan all in one.  The billing process is simple and efficient and based on a “cost per page” model with payment to Ricoh processed by Creative Communications and recharged back to the unit via ISD.  This provides a one-stop shop for billing, contract management and oversight coordination with Ricoh.

MPS can result in lower costs per page as well as environmental benefits, including reduced paper and energy use.  There are two services modes:  the “all-inclusive” 48-month model in which Ricoh provides the equipment, toner, supplies (excluding paper) and service, or a simple “service and supplies only” model for UW-owned printers.  Departments may have a combination of both service models.  Departments will no longer have to sign copier leases or purchase copiers, printers, toner cartridges or supplies.

Next Steps

This will be a journey that will take several years to accomplish, as there are many existing leases on campus that must run their course before they can be replaced by the MPS program.  As your current leases approach expiration, the MPS team will contact you to encourage a Ricoh assessment before you enter into another complicated leasing exercise.  Other units are already in the queue and anxious to begin the assessment process.  If your department is interested in participating or would like additional information, please contact Armand Bulaoro at or 543-3233, or find more information on this webpage:

Ann Anderson