Happy Summer!  This issue of the Financial Management Newsletter includes the following items:

  • HR/P System Design Sessions Underway
  • Physical Inventory of Equipment - State/University Assets
  • Fiscal Year End Close Website for 2014
  • PAS Purchasing Functionality is going away in January 2015
  • Enhancements to Procurement Service's Website
  • Ariba Blanket Purchase Order Update
  • View Open Balances in MyFinancial Desktop


HR/P System Design Sessions Underway

HR/Payroll Modernization is currently in the design phase of the project, which will run through October 2014. Design sessions, which began in May and run through September, will build on the Business Process Redesign work conducted last year by the HR/P project team and more than 300 people across the University. The "wish list" of how the system would work in the future was developed before a vendor was selected and now will be aligned with Workday's capabilities.

The design sessions are iterative, meaning that design work will begin in smaller groups with subject matter experts. The project team will review design decisions with progressively broader representative groups to ensure we arrive at the design that will work best for campus users.

Learn which functionality will be included in the first phase of implementation in December 2015, at https://f2.washington.edu/teams/hrp/about/scope, or contact Joni Kirk at jonikirk@uw.edu or 543-8598.

Physical Inventory of Equipment - State/University Assets

The Equipment Inventory Office (EIO) will mail state/university inventories to campus departments in early May.  These inventories are required by state regulation to be completed every two years.  Completed inventories are due back to EIO no later than August 29th.

Additional information can be found at: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/eio/physical-inventories.

Please contact EIO at eio@uw.edu or 543-4663 with questions.

Fiscal Year End Close Website for 2014

It's that time again, as the UW closes the accounting books for the fiscal year.  The website with instructions and cutoff dates is now available:


If you have questions about year end close processes, please call PCS Help at 543-4500 or email at pcshelp@uw.edu.

PAS Purchasing Functionality is going away in January 2015

As of next January PAS will no longer be available for purchase orders of any kind.  All purchasing requests will be made through Ariba modules. For more information, please see the eProcurement Quick Reference guide at: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-buy/compare#QuickRef.

If you would like hands-on consultation in how to best use Ariba purchasing methods, please contact David Wright at 206-616-7076 or at djwright@uw.edu for a departmental outreach.

Enhancements to Procurement Service's Website

Based on feedback we have received from the campus users, Procurement Services, in collaboration with university partners and customers has redesigned the Procurement Services Home Page. The website now has a greater focus on the Ariba modules of eProcurement.

Here's the website link: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/ and if you'd like assistance or would like to offer suggestions, please contact Procurement Customer Service at 206-543-4500 or pcshelp@uw.edu.

Ariba Blanket Purchase Order Update

Procurement Services buyers have started moving existing PAS open and standing orders into the Ariba Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) module. Orders must be moved out of PAS and into an Ariba module prior to the PAS shut-down date of January 1, 2015.

Please review your existing open orders and let your Buyer in Purchasing know those that are no longer needed and thus should be closed and which should be moved to BPO. If you need assistance, please contact PCS Help at:  pcshelp@uw.edu or 206-543-4500.

View Open Balances in MyFinancial Desktop

MyFinancial Desktop (MyFD) and the eProcurement now have reports that allow users to track remaining eProcurement open balances. There are enhancements to four reports in MyFD to track open balance amounts: Budget List, Budget Summary, Budget Worksheet, and Encumbrances and Open Balances (formerly Current Encumbrances). There's also a new Open Balance Details by Budget report in eProcurement for tracking these remaining open balances.

For more information about these changes in MyFD, please see the project update webpage at: https://f2.washington.edu/fm/myfd/projectupdate.

For questions about the new reports, please contact myfdhelp@uw.edu or pcshelp@uw.edu.