May 2017

In this edition:

  • FREE Amazon Business Prime two-day Shipping
  • Reminder about your Prime Membership
  • Upcoming Amazon Business Webinars
  • Retention Period Changes for Financial Records
  • New Change Coming from MAA – recharge/cost centers
  • Paper Reduction at UW

FREE Amazon Business Prime two-day Shipping

UW Procurement Services is excited to announce that effective May 18, users of Amazon Business will receive 12 months of FREE two-day shipping on eligible items made through the University of Washington’s master account. This means that during the 12-month period, users of the UW Amazon Business account will no longer have to meet the $49 minimum ordering requirement in order to qualify for the free two-day shipping for eligible items.

Amazon Business allows you take advantage of Amazon’s simple purchasing process, wide selection and competitive prices. To join the UW’s official Amazon Business account, please contact Ray Hsu at: and provide the following information:

  • Name of your group
  • Name and email address of who will be the Administrator in your Group (you can have more than one Administrator for a group).
  • Names and email addresses of other users to be added to your group and their roles (Requisitioner or Administrator or both)

Note: A Requisitioner is an individual who can place orders on behalf of the UW after they are assigned permissions by the Administrator.

Reminder about your Prime Membership

An important reminder to our campus clients that Amazon Prime is designed to be an individual and personal shopping solution that is not appropriate for making purchases on behalf of the UW. All purchases made on behalf of the UW should be conducted under the UW Amazon Business Account. The Amazon Prime Membership is set to renew automatically each year unless you follow these steps to cancel.

Please contact Amazon’s Customer Service at 1-888-280-3321 if you have additional questions about Prime Membership cancellation.

Upcoming Amazon Business Webinars

Please click on any of the below links to register for a series of free Amazon Business webinars in June:

For more information about UW’s Amazon Business Account, please visit our website.

Retention Period Changes for Financial Records

The new retention period for financial records created under state budgets is six years after the end of the fiscal year.
Common financial records impacted by this minor change to the retention period include:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Records
  • Cash Register Tapes
  • CTAs
  • ProCard records
  • Field Advances
  • Packing Slips
  • CTIs, ISDs, and other invoices issued by Recharge/Cost/Service Centers

This retention change does not affect grant/contract financial records or CTIs, ISDs, and other invoices received by offices who are billed for services.

For more information on the retention of state budget financial records, visit the website or contact Records Management Services with questions at or 206-543-0573.

New Change Coming from MAA – recharge/cost centers

Effective July 1, the University of Washington will be moving from an annual to biennial rate proposal review methodology for recharge and cost centers. MAA is working on updates to websites, rate proposal, reporting templates and a variety of tools for monitoring purposes. The UW will also be moving from a quarterly reporting methodology to a semi-annual reporting model.

In order to address the upcoming changes in the use of the term “cost center” (budget number) as identified by our new Workday system, it was necessary to develop a new naming convention for recharge and cost centers.

As of July 2017, we are implementing the following revised naming conventions:

Before July 2017                            After July 2017                                Budget/Program Type
Recharge Center →                      Service Center →                           11; 20, 21
Cost Center →                               Recharge Center →                       11; 22, 23

We thank everyone for your patience, and hope that the changes will help lighten your current administrative load. For questions please email

Paper Reduction at UW

The UW Committee for Paper Reduction has created a video with information on reducing paper use featuring many people from across UW.

For more information on paper reduction efforts at UW, visit: 

March 2017

In this edition:

  • It's Tax Time for Students, Too!
  • Card Payment Services and Advances move to Procurement Services
  • Regents and Business Diversity
  • HR/P Modernization Update

It’s Tax Time for Students, Too!

The tax season is here! The IRS offers two tax credits for students and their families to offset educational expenses. The American Opportunity Tax Credit is for students in the undergraduate program; the Lifetime Learning Credit is for students in all other programs.

Student Fiscal Services issued a 1098T tax form to students at the end of January. This form will help students determine if they can claim one of the tax credits for paying tuition by personal funds, or whether they have to report scholarship or financial aid money as income.

If you or your students need additional information, please review IRS Publication 970 or the Student Fiscal Services tax website or contact the Tax Office at or 206-221-2609.

Card Payment Services and Advances move to Procurement Services

Field Advances, Revolving Funds, ACH/Wire payments, the U.S. Bank Reward cards, and Tango Cards for research subject payments have moved from Banking and Accounting Operations to a newly created team in Procurement Services. This is another move in the ongoing effort to align policies and streamline processes for making payments at UW.

For more information, please contact the individuals below: 

Business Diversity Program

Diversity Facts! On September 10, 2015 UW formalized its commitment to supplier diversity. The Statement of Business Equity, approved by the Board of Regents, places value in inclusion equity and justice at UW and their business practices. Reach out to the Business Diversity Program to see how your department can support this mission. 

HR/P Modernization Update

"Workday" is on the way!

Configuration and build of the UW Workday system is almost complete. The project is on track for cut-over form HEPPS in mid-June, with the first paycheck from Workday in July.

Training begins in May and will include instructor-led training sessions, computer-based training, and more than 300 user guides. Workday demonstration workshops will also be offered campus-wide during this time period.

For more details, visit the HR/Payroll Modernization website or email