Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Log into Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employee Self-Service (ESS), is a web based resource where employees can view their personal payroll, benefits and leave information.  In ESS, employees also have the ability to update or change personal information such direct deposit, W-4 and home address.

To log on to the ESS secured website, users must have a UW NetID and password as well as employment information in the system.

Information that an employee can view:

  • Job profile
  • Address (campus and home)
  • Earnings
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Retirement and Savings
  • Vacation and Sick Leave Balances (employees on OWLS)
  • Form W-2 and other tax forms
  • Current and Prior Timesheets (employees on UW Timesheet)

Watch the ESS Demo video

Information an employee can change/update:

  • Form W-2
    • Opt out of paper tax forms and retrieve your forms online!
    • Click on the Taxes page and follow the on-screen instructions to opt out of paper.
    • You only have to opt out once. Your choice will apply to all tax forms issued by the UW Payroll Office and will remain in effect through-out your employment unless you log back in to change it again.
    • To retrieve your tax forms online, click the Print Tax Forms button at the bottom of the page. The online version is the official copy and should be used for filing taxes.
  • Form W-4
    • This is located on the Taxes page. You can change your tax status and withholding allowances by clicking the Update W-4 button. No paper form is required if this is completed online.
    • Foreign national employees will not be able to update their status online and are required to submit paper forms.
    • Tip: The Taxes tab will also show you a summary of wage and tax information for the current year and prior years. At the bottom of the page is a link to Print Tax Forms, which are official W-2’s!
  • Direct Deposit
  • Address and Emergency Contact Information
    • Local/Home Address: The address the employee uses for receiving mail and important documents from the UW. This is the address that will be used to mail W-2 Tax forms.
  • Campus Directory Information
    • The Official Name, Box number and Job Title are automatically filled in based on the work appointment in the Online Payroll Update System (OPUS). Employees can change how their information will be listed in the campus directory. For example, Suzanne B. Queue can be listed as Susie Queue. Employees can also choose how much information to display in the campus directory; with email, without email, or unlisted.
  • Retirement Fund Sources
    • This is located on the Retirement and Savings page under the heading Supplemental Retirement & Savings. Employees enrolled in the UW Retirement Plan (UWRP) and/or Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP)
      can make changes to the amount deducted each pay check, set up an account, and maintain personal information such as beneficiaries by clicking the Change button. 
  • UW Timesheets
    • After your payroll coordinator has set you up to use the UW Timesheet, you may click the Timesheet link, and begin entering your hours. You must submit your timesheet at the end of each pay period in order to be paid. At the end of each pay period, click the “Review and Submit Timesheet” button at the bottom of your timesheet to submit the timesheet to your approver.
    • See the UW Timesheet Tutorial for more help or our FAQ’s.

A test view of ESS is available for employees to use.