Verification of Employment

Verifications provided by the Payroll Office

  • Job title
  • Employment status (Active/Inactive, Full/Part-Time, Perm/Temp)
  • Dates of employment

    Verifications NOT provided by the Payroll Office

    Limits on what we provide—

    • We cannot provide salary breakdowns, job duties or other personnel data.
    • Job information prior to 1990 is not available.

    Please see the following contact if you are looking to verify one of the items below.

    • The employee's home department for:
      • Address
      • Work schedule or attendance
      • Hours of timesheet information (e.g. amount of O/T worked)
      • Amount of sick/vacation leave
      • Wage/loss insurance forms
    • OMSA at 206-543-1002 or fax 206-616-5882 for:
      • Doctor/nurse credential or privilege information
    • Benefits at 206-543-2800 or fax 206-685-0343 for:
      • Benefits eligibility or enrollment information
    • Northwest Hospital 206-368-1573 or fax 206-368-1990 for:
      • Verification for employees at Northwest Hospital
    • Seattle Children’s Hospital 206-987-6948 or fax 206-987-4938 for:
      • Verification for employees at Seattle Children’s Hospital
    • UW Neighborhood Clinics 206-520-5528 or fax 206-520-5599:
      • Verification for staff at UW Neighborhood Clinics
    • UW Neighborhood Clinics 206-542-5427 or fax 206-520-5599:
      • Verification for providers at UW Neighborhood Clinics
    • UW Physician Network fax 206-520-5432 for:
      • Verification for employees at UW Physician Network, please note that verbal verifications are not accepted.
    • VA Hospital 206-582-4676 or fax 206-658-4293
      • Verification for employees at VA Hospital
    • Valley Medical 425-251-5160 or fax 425-656-5313
      • Verifications without salary for employees at Valley Medical
    • Valley Medical 425-228-3440 ext.5734 or fax 425-656-5389
      • Verifications with salary for employees at Valley Medical

    External Customer Verification Requests

    For mortgage applications, loan applications, background checks, apartment leases, government aid or any application requests requiring proof of employment with salary.

    Submit your request or fill out the Verification of Employment form and fax it to 206-543-8137, or email at


    • We cannot verify any information without the full or partial Social Security Number of the employee. Your request will be delayed if we do not have this requirement.
    • A signed authorization form is required in order to release salary information on paper requests. We do not release salary over the phone.
    • Turnaround time will be 2 business days and verifications are processed in the order they are received. Due to the large volume of requests, we cannot confirm whether or not a request has been received. If you do not receive a response within 2 business days, please re-send your request.

    PLEASE NOTE: Yearly earnings probably will not agree with the W-2.  The salary amounts listed are Gross Compensation Figures.  W-2’s report the Federal Taxable Gross.

    Current and Former Employee Verification Requests

    We offer two type of verification documents listed below for requests made by current and former employees. Turnaround time to process requests will be 2-3 business days, unless further research is required. Payroll does not notify employees when their requests have been completed for pick-up, faxed or mailed.  Both documents may be picked up at our office, mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to a recipient.

    Formal Letter of Verification:

    A formal letter of verification is written on UW letterhead and includes an employee's name, current or most recent job title, employment dates, base salary and employment status.

    To request a verification of employment, please fill out one of the following forms:
    Online request form is available for current employees only. You will need your UW NetID and Password to log in.
    Paper form is available to former employees, as well as current employees. Please send completed form either by fax to 206-543-8137 or email

    Special Request: Special requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
    If you are seeking a list of all current and past positions (1990 forward), or are requesting additional verification information please fill out this form.


    Standard Verification Form:

    A standard verification form includes an employee's name, current or most recent job title, base salary, and employment status. Although not in a letter format, a standard verification form is an official UW verification of employment.
    Standard Verification Form is available to former employees, as well as current employees, and may also be used by external customers. Please send completed form either by fax to 206-543-8137 or email to

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness

    Payroll is authorized to complete this form.  Please complete Section 1, and mail the form by US Mail to us or drop it off at our office in the UW Tower between the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. We will complete Section 3 and Section 4 and will inform you when it is ready for pick up, or we can send the form back to you by fax or US Mail. Due to security reasons, we cannot return the form to you by email or Campus Mail. Please be sure to include contact information in case we have questions.


    Can the Payroll Office verify income for an employee?

    Payroll will verify income for verifications received in written form as long as a signed release from the employee is included with the verification.  The salary for phone verifications is not provided. However, if the caller has a monthly gross amount, Payroll will say yes or no to the figure given.

    If the employee is separated, can you tell me where they went?
    Payroll only maintains fiscal information and is unable to disclose forwarding information.
    Can the Payroll Office give out personal or work phone numbers so we can contact the individual?
    Payroll does not provide that information, but the online UW Directory has a list of current employees and contact information.
    Can the Payroll Office print out my earnings statements for a certain time period?
    It is the responsibility of the employee to print out earnings statements on ESS. Pay stubs are on a rolling year cycle.
    Can the Payroll Office provide a letter stating proof of my current address?
    Payroll can only provide a letter verifying your employment with the University of Washington.
    Can the Payroll Office provide an employee’s separation reason?
    The Payroll Office only provides fiscal information.  Separation dates will be provided but we do not provide the reason.  Customers requesting separation reasons will be referred to the appropriate Human Resources office.  
    How can I find out my hourly rate if I am currently in a salaried position?
    You can find your average hourly rate on the Compensation website.
    Does the Payroll Office keep track of archived and current weekly hours?
    Payroll does not keep employee timesheets, so questions should be directed to their home department and the Payroll Coordinator in charge of their timesheets.
    Still have a question?
    Send us an email at or give us a call at 206-685-8656.