Payroll Online Systems

There are several Payroll Online Systems used at the University of Washington. Departments have systems that they have created to help them do their work at the department level, but the Payroll office oversees only official Payroll Systems. Those systems include:

  • OPUS - Link to OPUS, Employee Overview, Perm Retrieval and the Data Warehouse Reports

  • Time Reporting - Link to the ETRs and PTRs

  • Email Access - To use for "early email"

  • UW Timesheet - Link for Payroll Coordinators and Supervisor/Approvers

  • Data Warehouse Reports - Direct link to the new MS Reporting Services Reports

Access to these systems is granted using ASTRA.  Each department has an Authorizer for these systems.

Free one-on-one Training Sessions
Are you a new Payroll Coordinator? A back-up Payroll Coordinator? Do you need a refresher course on the Payroll Systems?
The Client Service and Training Team in the Payroll Office provides one-on-one and group training for Payroll Online Systems (OPUS, UW Timesheet, Time Reporting ETR/PTR,Data Warehouse) and other areas like Payroll processes, procedures, and policies. The training can be designed to your department’s specific needs and are for Payroll Coordinators, back-up Payroll Coordinators, Administrators, and other employees that assist with processing Payroll.
The cost is free of charge.
 Please see our new Payroll Coordinator Checklist.
If you have any questions, please email