OPUS: Online Payroll Updating System

Users of the OPUS system are able to create/update payroll information on a new or existing employee. OPUS allows a department to make updates instantaneously and eliminates the need for a central office (Payroll) to enter payroll changes.

OPUS Gateway

The OPUS Gateway provides access to OPUS, Employee Overview, PERM Retrieval System, or Reports from one main menu.
  • OPUS - Allows departments to make updates such as: initial hires/rehires, distribution, budget number changes, leave of absences and separations. Houses employee's Payroll records; current and historical. 
  • Employee Overview - View employee information such as check history, funding history, appointment, distribution and historical information.   Provides access to employee address section in ESS for updating purposes. 
  • PERM Retrieval - Retrieve Post Entry Review Messages from a centralized database for audit inquiries, retro-pay or departmental review.
  • Reports - Data Warehouse application for the Online Check Registers.

Access to OPUS

Access is given by the ASTRA authorizer for the department. A UWNetID, password and Entrust Token are required. 

OPUS Resource Guides


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