Employee Overview

OPUS Employee Overview provides employee information including address information, OPUS prior actions, check history, and funding history.  It is available to staff with OPUS inquiry and update access.  The information in Employee Overview is collected from HEPPS, Employee Self Service (ESS), and OPUS. Users have access to view employment details, appointment information, prior actions, check history, funding history or update address information for employees. Each screen in the overview can be printed or emailed.

Access to Employee Overview

Access to Employee Overview is determined based on the role a user has in OPUS. Users with inquiry or update to OPUS will have access to Employee Overview. New access is given by the ASTRA authorizer for the department. A UWNetID, password and Entrust Token are required. If you do not know who your ASTRA authorizer is for your department, please email pronline@uw.edu with your Payroll Unit Code.

Sections of Employee Overview

Employee Info

Employee information is provided as general information for payroll coordinators. A user's view will vary depending on the level of OPUS access. The bottom right quadrant has employment documentation information. A payroll coordinator can determine if an I-9 form has been submitted to the Payroll Office by looking at the I-9 Form on File in the Payroll line. A red No will appear if the I-9 has not been received and entered into HEPPS. Employee Info can also indicate if an employee has direct deposit in the bottom left quadrant.  This can also activate/inactivate the pay advice.


The appointment information lists all appointment and distribution information (active and expired) as well as the pay grade and step, employment type, and if the employee is in a bargaining unit.
Prior Actions
Prior actions is the list of changes done to an employee's record. This includes the initial hire, separations, promotions, periodic maintenance, name changes, etc. The prior actions are maintained in OPUS as far back as 1990.

Check History

Check history provides a list of checks issued to the employee. Details of the pay check can be viewed by clicking the hyperlinked pay date. The letter D indicates direct deposit and P is paper check, next to the check numbers.

Funding History

Funding history is a record of employee pay by pay period in chronological order. Funding history has a search feature at the top of the screen. Searches can be performed by start and end dates, budget number, job class of the employee, object codes, earn type, or position number. The search only pertains to the employee record displayed


The address screen displays employee emergency contact information, home mailing address and campus address information. Change buttons are used by payroll coordinators to update information for employees that may not have computer access at home or work to make these changes themselves in ESS. The Home Address is reported to the Health Care Authority by the Benefits Office. The address on file is also where W-2’s are mailed to. The preference in the online directory can be changed in the green section at the bottom.

Employee Overview Help

Trouble shooting - errors and common problems
General questions about Employee Overview
Please send email to pronline@uw.edu or contact one of the Client Services and Training Team members directly or see our FAQ’s.