PERM Retrieval

A Post Entry Review Message (PERM) is created when changes are made in OPUS to an employee’s record.   PERM Retrieval is a search feature that will find PERMs created for an employee.  
A Search window opens with several search criteria options. A list of PERMs based on the search criteria will appear and the PERM can be viewed by clicking the Gen #.
There is no need to maintain emails of PERMs with the retrieval system.
PERMs can be emailed and printed using the Email and Print buttons located in the right of the PERM Retrieval screens.
Creating Additional Note
  • Additional notes can be added to records after the change has occurred and the PERM created.   
  • Bring up the PERM using the PERM Retrieval function or Employee Overview/Prior Actions.
  • The link “Create Additional Note” will be on the top right of the PERM. Enter in appropriate note. This may be the email sent by HR or Compensation in which enterer must copy and paste.
  • A Notification Box indicates additional note added and "View Additional Notes" tab appears for user/PERM recipients to view added note.
Note: Creating an additional note will not generate a new PERM. Additional Note will need to be viewed on PERM detail. It will appear at the bottom of the PERM.

Access to Perm Retrieval 

Access to PERM Retrieval is determined based on the role a user has in OPUS. Users with inquiry or update to OPUS will have access to PERM Retrieval. New access is given by the ASTRA authorizer for the department. A UWNetID, password and Entrust Token are required. If you do not know who your ASTRA authorizer is for your department, please email with your Payroll Unit Code.

PERM Retrieval Help

A Help page is available by clicking the hyperlinked "Click here for instructions".
For questions and troubleshooting, email or contact the Payroll Client Services and Training Team.