UW Timesheet

What are the benefits of using the UW Timesheet?

  • Convenience—The UW timesheet may be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Eliminates the need for the manual routing of timesheets—all time entry and approvals are done online.
  • Maintained electronically—no need to store six years of paper timesheets in your office.
  • Eliminates duplication of work—it "does the math" so payroll coordinators don't spend time re-checking addition.
  • The UW Timesheet can calculate overtime and track time to budgets.

How do departments get access to the UW Timesheet?

Access to the system is done by the Payroll Office. Training sessions are conducted by the Payroll Office Client Services & Training Team. Contact pronline@uw.edu for questions or to schedule training.

How does the UW Timesheet work?

  • After a department has requested access to the UW Timesheet application, departmental payroll coordinators or timekeepers log in and complete a set up page for each hourly employee that will use the UW Timesheet.
  • The next time the employee logs in to Employee Self-Service (ESS), they will see a timesheet tab and can begin entering their hours worked. At the end of each pay period the employee electronically submits the timesheet for approval.
  • Approvers log in to their “Work List”—the place where they review the hours that their employees submitted. Approvers may approve the employee’s timesheet, or reject it back to the employee for correction.
  • At the end of each pay period, the payroll coordinator runs a Time Entry Report. The Time Entry report displays all the information needed to enter time into ETR/PTR.  Timesheet and ETR/PTR are not linked.  Hours will need to be manually entered in PTR.

Supported browsers and platforms

The UW Timesheet supports most major browsers; Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari.