The Recognition and Diversity Working Group was established by the FM Executive Improvement Team in December 2012, with the task of developing and recommending new approaches to recognition and diversity in Financial Management.  The Washington State legislative direction to eliminate cash awards to staff for recognition made the established RQT program unworkable.  There had also been a falloff in participation in the RQT program and also the Diversity program.  Financial Management is committed to the continuing values of recognition and diversity, but changes inspired by Lean have changed the way we do work in many ways.  So there was quite a challenge!

Working Group members are:

  • Azalea Vasquez, GCA
  • Cheryl Manekia, Payroll
  • David Wright, Procurement Services
  • Frank Davis, Creative Communications
  • Hank Williams, MAA
  • Katy Folk-Way. Creative Communications
  • Tami Sadusky, RAA
  • Tina R. Schlotfeldt-Padilla, Procurement Services
  • Karen Long, Controller's Office, Facilitator

The Working Group began meeting in January 2013.  We spent several months researching how other Lean organizations provided Recognition and Diversity programs, surveying department staff about what was important to them, and mapping out a process that would fit with the new Lean culture in Financial Management.  The group presented recommendations to the FMEIT in April 2013, received approval, and has worked over the past few months to create a webpage and a process for the various awards.

The Working Group will continue as an advisory group as the program is launched.  A new Diversity program will be launched later in July.