Important News

Effective 1/2/2011

Registrations, abstract fees, membership fees are reimbursed through Travel only if the individual is on travel status or going into travel status

Otherwise, reimbursement request is on a Check Request.

eTravel Reminders

  • Review Receipt Guidelines and What to Submit.
    • due to retention requirements all applicable original PAPER receipts along with the first page of the ER (printed in landscape) must be submitted to Travel Box 351117
    • eReceipts may be electronically attached to the ER and not submit to Travel; email Receipt Manager indicating the ER# and eReceipts attached
  • Did your travel dates expand to two seasonal rates?  Add one day before the actual check in date.  For example, travel dates were 9/28/10 - 10/2/10.  New season rates were in effect on 10/1/2010.
    • enter check in date of 9/27 and check out date of 9/30 as one lodging item during the first season
    • enter check in date of 10/1 and check out date of 10/2 as one lodging item during the second season
    • enter a comment regarding two seasonal rates
  • Did you withdraw or edit an ER and the receipts have already been received by Travel?
    • withdraw or edit will reset the receipt requirement; notify Receipt Manager and indicate the ER# and receipts reset