General Reminders:

  • for best results use the general Travel Office email 
  • reply directly to the sender if you have been contacted regarding a specific ER
  • review guidelines on personal travel and when to obtain a comparison itinerary; obtain a comparison itinerary BEFORE the trip
  • foreign airfare itineraries, car rental agreements, lodging folios and receipts for miscellaneous expenses OVER $75 requires English translation
  • travel reimbursement related to an Honorarium is processed on a Check Request
  • review Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses
  • UW traveler must be listed as driver on car rental agreement; ENTIRE car rental expense is not reimbursable if person listed as driver or additional driver is not on UW business
  • select NO to attachments for per diem advance requisitions

eTravel Reminders

  • dates, times, and location of personal time must be included in the ER
  • select Claimant in the paid by field when reimbursing an individual on the behalf of another
  • select Relocation in the type of traveler field if the expenses were related to Relocation even though the individual is already a UW employee