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Bank Administration

UW employees managing university bank accounts can research transactions through online banking.  If you do not have online banking setup, please click here to request online services.  If the transaction is not available online, please email for assistance.  We store information, per records retention requirements, for six years.

The information provided allows B&AO to notify you when your deposit posts to the bank account.  We keep a log of this information and will reach out to your university department to create a CT once the funds are deposited to the UW operating account.

Cash Receivables

A Cash Transmittal (CT) is the accounting entry used to record/claim revenue and refunds to your department budget.

If your check/cash deposits always go to one budget and obj/sub obj code, and you deposit on a regular basis, you can set up your deposits so that your funds are automatically posted to your department budget through B&AO. Please e-mail for further details.

No, at this time only eight lines are available. If you need to make additional entries, you can submit a second CT with the same bank sequence number and same department assigned CT number.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email provided on the web CT form.  The budget and obj/sub obj detail is included in the email.  Please save this information in your records to reference when reconciling budgets.

The CT# field is a reference number created within the university department.  The field is limited to six numbers and/or letters.  It is used for tracking CT information within your area.

The bank sequence number for check/cash deposits is located on the bottom left-hand corner of UW deposit slips.

The bank sequence number for an ACH or wire transaction begins with "85" and can be requested from

A reverse expenditure is an old term used to post refunds.  To do a reverse expenditure/refund, use the same budget number the deposit was posted to, but use an expenditure code, not a revenue code, associated with the budget.

First, email to confirm whether your CT has been uploaded or not.  Email is the preferred communication method for this as multiple people in B&AO upload CT's.

If your CT was uploaded and posted to your budget (check MyFD to verify), submit the same CT and make the dollar amounts negative.  Do not make any additional edits.  Once your reversed CT has been submitted, you can submit a new/corrected CT to be uploaded.