Prior to placing a Dawg Prints station we will enquire as to expect print volume, number of students with expected regular access, and other information to determine if a Dawg Prints release station will be a viable solution. 

(e.g. your name)
(e,g. 206-123-1234)
Building name must be discoverable here: (e.g. Odegaard OR OUG)
Room number for the physical location that the printer will be installed.
One static IPv4 address is required for the printer. You can obtain an address from your local IT ninjas or from UW IT ( If possible, a private IP (10.X.X.X or 172.X.X.X) is preferred. If you don't have an IP address yet you can still submit the form, however you will need to email with it once you do have it.
This date is not guaranteed.


By clicking Submit you will send a copy of this request to DawgPrints for review. We will also send a copy to your email for your records.