Green Mailing Services - If your department experiences a lot of unwanted mail from former staff members and you would like to reduce and eliminate a lot of that waste, you can put the former employees information into our data fields below and press the "Reduce Junk Mail" button below. If you have a large list of former staff members you can simply e-mail us your electronic file to

Please call 206.616.9011 if you have any questions or e-mail

How does this work? How does this process reduce undeliverable bulk/junk mail of former staff?
We know the problem - undeliverable mail having to be sorted because marketers & vendors of former staff don’t know when your employees leave the university.
We know the solution - send us your list of former staff, and we will work with marketers and mailers to reduce the problem using the smartest, simplest solution ever. We submit those names to the national databases that mailers/marketers use to send people mail so together we can solve and reduce the problem. Once and for all.
How The Process Saves All Of Us Time and Money
  1. You tell us which employees have left or relocated.
  2. Most Marketers/Large Mailers submit their mailing lists before mailing to large address databases all around the country.
  3. The names and addresses on their lists can then be compared with your former and transferred employees.
  4. Outdated contacts are flagged for removal, or addresses changed for relocated contacts.
  5. Over time, your undeliverable mail volume drops dramatically.

Best of all, it’s completely free!