Emergency Responder Addresses are for emergency use only.

The University of Washington has been instructed to comply with the Seattle Fire Department to develop and implement an emergency response address for all buildings on campus. As part of this project, all of the buildings on campus will have a street number (number only) applied to the exterior of the building. This is for emergency response only and should never be used as your mailing address. The US Postal Service will not recognize these emergency response addresses and will only recognize the Box Numbers assigned by Mailing Services to departments on campus. Any mail coming into the University of Washington with the emergency response addresses will be returned to sender as an insufficient address. UW departments located off campus are not affected by this request. Click here for more information.

If ordering freight or other types of mail through private vendors (UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.), a street address is required. In this case please use:

  • Name or Department Name
    University of Washington
    Building Name + Rm #
    4000 15th Ave NE
    Seattle, Wa. 98195

This is the generic address for the University of Washington campus. Your shipment will get to you. Most vendors have regular daily deliveries to campus and are familiar with all building locations. If the vendor is not familiar with campus, the attendants at the campus gate houses will direct them to the correct location.

If you have updated your MyUW address information with the emergency response number, please delete and use your departments’ assigned box number.