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Employee Development Planning Checklist

Checklist of what to do in developing your plan:

  • Consider your department’s current and future needs
  • Consider your personal interests - what excites you? 
  • Consider needed skills for future jobs
  • Consider future professional goals
  • What technology skills could you improve?
  • Talk with your leader and co-workers about your interests and ask for feedback
  • Develop your ideas/plans/resources/people who can help
    • Books
    • Educational resources (e.g., tuition exemption, distance learning)
    • Networking resources and professional organizations
    • Available training (POD, UW Information Technology classes, etc.)
    • Mentoring
    • Cost and time estimates
  • Draft a plan
  • Set a time to talk with your leader about your plan
  • Be prepared to answer questions you may be asked
  • Hold the discussion and agree to a plan with your leader
  • Finalize the EDP plan and obtain signatures from your leader and from the EIT leader in your area.
  • Request relevant training opportunities and complete request form
  • Submit plan and request to TAP team member in your department
  • Take Action!
  • Revise plan as needed
  • Renew plan every two years