Leader Support for Developing EDPs

In Financial Management and F2 Administration, department leaders are expected to support staff development through the EDP program. A leader has the responsibility to provide guidance to staff about the FM and F2 organizations:

  • Services and level of service customers want now and in the future
  • Skills, capacities and knowledge which are needed (e.g., interpersonal, technical, project management, leadership)
  • Which positions may become obsolete, or replaced or redesigned (e.g., transactional work that may be automated) 
  • The need to develop additional job skills that will enable them to move to other positions as the organization changes 
  • Identify job redesign possibilities and the new skills that would be required 
  • Future changes in department or divisional structures

Leaders also provide mentoring to staff to identify goals and develop plans:

  • Coach staff to identify the interests and areas of growth they want to pursue 
  • Work creatively with staff when considering possibilities for professional goals and advancement and methods to gain needed skills 
  • Encourage staff to identify what kinds of projects and work energizes them and why, and to thoroughly explore their capabilities and interests 
  • Encourage staff to look at options beyond the next level of advancement in their department 
  • Encourage staff to look at options for development beyond taking a class 
  • Remind staff to consider industry/professional association trends when establishing goals 

Leaders provide support for the EDP plans:

  • Create a safe environment for development, including time to work on goals (e.g., work release time to attend a class, time to build a new database, etc.)
  • Find a good coach or mentor for a staff member as required
  • Assign new duties that tie with EDP goals if possible
  • Identify what team experiences would be useful for them