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Options for Career Development

Is waiting for a promotional opportunity your only chance of success? You may need to approach your career portfolio in different ways at different times:

  • No change:
    Recognition that your current role provides you with sufficient challenge and opportunities for development
  • Develop a current role:
    Changing the mix of tasks in your current position to include more of the things you enjoy doing.
  • Seek promotion:
    Consider what the real gain would be for you when you take on increased responsibility.
  • Take on project work:
    Seek out project work or temporary placement in another job function to see how you like it.
  • Lateral move:
    Move to a similar level of job task difficulty but with different job content.
  • Move down:
    Reduce your job responsibility for a short or long-term period.
  • Change business unit:
    Decide that you want a different job in a different organization for career gains.
  • Change career field:
    Change to an entirely different position with your current employer.
  • Create a new job:
    Submit a proposal for a new position that would meet the needs of you and your employer.
  • Change employer:
    Decide that a different employer is more appropriate for your career goals.
  • Go back to school:
    Work toward a new degree or certification that will lead to higher level or different positions