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UW Finance

Employee Development Planning Process

 Employee Assesses:

  • Values, Strengths, Proficiencies,
  • Areas of Interest, Areas of potential growth,
  • Fit with FM focus and future needs

 Leader Assesses:

  • Current & future department/division’s strategic goals
  • Areas of potential growth for employee
  • Skills required to meet the needs identified
  •  Service levels to current and future customers
  •  Development of staff and leadership qualities
  •  Workload issues and available technology

 Employee and Leader discuss and determine:

  • Employee Career goals (1-5 years) – what skills/experiences:
    • Meet department strategic goals
    • Enhance employee’s ability to meet current FM needs
    • Enable employee to meet future needs and goals
    • Develop staff and leadership qualities
    • Develop knowledge worker skills
  • Actions Employee, Leader and Division may take to achieve goals identified, for example:
    • Perform individual research/study
    • Attend classes, workshops, study groups      
    • Assign new responsibilities to gain experience
    • Provide mentor or coach
    • Support/obtain professional certification & licenses
    • Enter a degree program
    • Serve on cross-functional team
    • Serve as a team facilitator

 Employee’s Educational Development Plan: Write, discuss and finalize with supervisor

 Employee’s request for Funding and Release Time:

  • Complete form, gain signatures of supervisor and EIT member
  • Provide signed EDP and request form to TAP Team member in department

 Employee and Leader

  • Take action, acquire developmental learning, discuss with leader. 
  • Make the EDP a positive part of the annual performance evaluation. 
  • Revise and update the EDP every two years to maintain eligibility for reimbursements.

 EDP Process Flow Charts