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Equipment Disposals

The removal of components for reuse rendering the parent unit unusable.  Cannibalized equipment must be reported to Equipment Inventory on a Property Activity Request - Form 1024. Unused parts must be disposed of through the Surplus Property Office.

Equipment Disposal refers to both physically removing properties from a department and to the removing of the item from a department's active inventory, relieving the department of accountability for reporting and tracking. The terms disposal and surplus are often used interchangeably.

Transfer equipment ownership and/or responsibility to another non-profit research institution within the United States.

Transfer equipment from your department to another within the University and remove it from your department's records.  (You may give or sell it to the other department).  

Return tagged and inventoried equipment to the vendor and remove it from your department's records. 

Dispose of equipment, materials, and supplies, whether inventorial or not, through the established procedure facilitated by the Surplus Property Department. Equipment Inventory removes the record of equipment from the department's inventory. The terms disposal and surplus are often used interchangeably.

A purchase of equipment is considered a trade in when one or more pieces of existing equipment are given to the vendor for a specified dollar amount discount.  If the total cost of the new purchase (paid amount plus discount amount) is $5,000 or more, the new purchase must be tagged and inventoried.