Sensitive Physical Inventory - The physical inventory of Sensitive Inventory Items (Small and Attractive Assets) regardless of cost.  These inventories are distributed to campus in early May of each non-biennium year and are due back to the Equipment Inventory Office by August 31st of the same year.

Process Overview

In early May of each non-biennium year (even years), the Equipment Inventory Office (EIO):

  • Mails the following to the department inventory contacts:
    • Cover letter with instructions
    • Printed inventory listings of all Sensitive equipment assigned to the department
  • Mails a memo to department heads telling them that inventories are due

Department Inventory Contact:

  • Finds each piece of the Sensitive equipment assigned to the department and verifies that it is:
    • In use (arranges for disposal if it is not in use)
    • Accurately tagged (tags or retags if necessary)
    • Correctly listed in the OASIS database (updates the printed listing where necessary)
  • May make updates in OASIS except for disposals or tag number changes
  • Gives the updated original listing to the department head or a representative for a signature
  • Makes a copy for department records
  • Keeps copy for three (3) years
  • Scans and emails or mails a completed and signed listing back to EIO in time to arrive by the due date
  • Responds to any requests from EIO using the Physical Inventory Response Form.


  • Logs the inventory in as "received"
  • Checks the inventory, sending a memo to the department if there are any questions
  • Completes any requests
  • Updates the OASIS database as needed
  • Sends a copy of the new inventory listing to the department
  • Keeps the completed original updated listing for six (6) years

Delinquent Inventories

EIO closesly monitors departments with past due inventories. EIO contacts these departments by email and/or phone to follow-up on the inventories.  If unsuccessful, EIO then communicates the Past Due departments to the Director of GCA and if necessary to Internal Audit.