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Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Development at UW

  • In 2005 President Mark Emmert announced a process to create a culture of compliance at the UW
  • Report in 2006 of the Strategic Risk Initiative Committee created by the President provided a framework for managing institution-wide risk and compliance
  • Recommendations contained in the Committee's 2006 report have been implemented:
    • Created a President's Advisory Committee to oversee and improve the UW's culture and compliance
    • Created a Compliance Council to bring compliance experts together to share information and advise the President's Advisory Committee
    • Implemented operational improvements, including maintaining a strong internal audit function, conducting formal risk assessments, adopting a tool for self-assessment by campus units, and analyzing risk benchmarks and trends.

For full reporting on ERM at UW see the Risk Management publications:

Collaborative Enterprise Risk Management – Final Report, Feb 13 2006

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) –  2009 ERM Report

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) -   2011 ERM Report