The following provides an overview of departmental and Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) responsibilities associated with reporting Non-Faculty Effort (FEC) Cost Share contributions.

All cost share contributions other than faculty effort are considered Non-FEC contributions. Faculty certify their cost shared effort via the FEC process.

Principal Investigators (PI's) and departments are responsible for ensuring that the source of cost share and/or transactions being contributed are allowable expenditures in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement. Remember: contributions must occur during the benefitting budget period.

Cost Share Process Overview

Learn more about the Cost Share Process Overview.

Overview of PI/Staff Procedure: Reporting Non-FEC Cost Share Contributions

  1. Review the step-by-step instructions for Non-FEC Cost Share contributions.
  2. Tag and apply a Batch Label to the allowable UW transactions online using the Non-FEC Cost Share Application.
  3. Extract tagged transactions from the Non-FEC Cost Share Application.
    • Sort by Batch Label.
    • Add applicable benefit and F&A rates to transactions and calculate the amounts in the extracted document using the columns provided.
  4. Copy the Non-FEC Cost Share Reporting Template into the extracted spreadsheet.
  5. Complete the reporting template.
  6. Have the PI review, sign and date the form. Be sure to print the PI name in the space provided.
  7. Submit a GrantTracker using the "Cost Share Topic", indicate in the summary line this is a Non-FEC Cost Share Contribution report, including the Batch Label in the summary line description and attach the following:
    •  Extracted excel document (tagged supporting transactions), GCA needs the raw spreadsheet for entry into the Cost Share Summary.
    • Signed PDF copy of the completed report template.
      • Electronic signatures are also acceptable.
    • Applicable third party contribution letters and/or tuition waivers.
  8. After notification from GCA that the contributions have been entered into the Cost Share Summary application (aka Cost Share Module), review these entries for accuracy.
  9. Notify GCA of any problems or questions via GrantTracker.

Best Practices:

Overview of GCA Procedures

Upon receipt of Non-FEC Cost Share Contributions, GCA:

  1. Reviews report and the extracted supporting transactions for compliance. Learn more about allowable Non-FEC cost share contribution sources.
  2. Prepares the submitted Batch Label report data from the spreadsheet for entry into the Cost Share Summary.
  3. Enters direct charged sub totals into the eFECS Cost Share Summary Application.
    • the benefit rate applicable to the installment dates entered by GCA is automatically applied by the cost share summary application.
    • the most currently available cost share I/C  rate that applies to the benefitting budget is automatically applied by the cost share summary application.
  4. Enters total for applicable third party or tuition waiver contributions as indicated on report.
  5. Notifies the department via GrantTracker that entry has been completed indicating any discrepancies or unallowable charges identified. Discrepancies are often due to incorrect F&A/benefit rates being used on the report submitted.

Note: Recertifications will typically only be requried if the direct costs (excluding benefit rate) totals submitted on the extracted transactions for a reporting period Batch Label do not correspond to the totals GCA derives from information being submitted.



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