Third-party contributions are contributions given to a specific grant or contract by an individual or group from outside both the University of Washington and the sponsoring agency. These contributions do not include UW Facilities and Administrative (indirect) costs. There are two types of third-party contributions:

  • Cash-matching third-party contributions are funds (cash) from a source other than UW or the sponsoring agency. (Cash-matching third-party contributions are very rare.)
  • In-kind third-party contributions include any non-cash contribution to a grant/contract from a source other than UW or the sponsoring agency. (examples: Personnel effort/services, supplies, materials etc.)

Cost Share Process Overview

For more details see the Cost Share Process Overview.

Commitment Requirements

When proposing third-party cost share contributions, the following must be included with the proposal when submitted to Office of Sponsored Programs:

  • A letter from the proposed contributor, on the contributor's letterhead, that includes:
    • the identify of the benefiting Award, and, ideally, the PI
    • a description of the items or services being contributed
    • a statement indicating how the contribution will benefit the award
    • the dollar value of the contribution (if available; see below for more information)
    • if the contributor is including F&A on the value, a copy of their approved F&A rate agreement or other documentation supporting F&A to be claimed
    • a point of contact for the 3rd party
  • If the dollar value cannot be ascertained at the time of proposal, then the department should enter an estimate on the Cost Share Addendum. This estimated amount will be entered by GCA into the Cost Share Module.

Contribution Requirement

Per GIM 21, the PI is repsonsible for fulfilling the total cost share commitments on the Award. If a 3rd party does not provide the amount of Cost Share as entered into the Cost Share Module (which may, as noted above, be an estimate, the PI must either find an acceptable alternative 3rd party contribution resource or request that the sponsor modify the Award to reduce the Cost Share Commitment.

When the 3rd party hs compled their Cost Share Contribution, they should provie the following in wiring to the PI:

  • A letter (sample letter) from the contributor, on the contributor's letterhead, that includes:
    • the identity of the benefiting Award and the PI
    • a description and dollar value of the items or services provided, including, if applicable, a breakdown direct and Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs.
  • If the third-party contributor donates salary, supporting documentation must include:
    • the name and title of the employee contributing effort,
    • rate of pay,
    • total value of their effort including applicable benefits, and
    • the time period of the contribution (must be within the budget period)

If a third-party contribution is a cash match instead of in-kind:

  • Follow the procedures for reporting Non-FEC cost share as applicable, reporting expenditures on the budget where the cash was deposited as they were contributed to the project.



If you:

  • are preparing your proposal or waiting to hear about a submitted proposal, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) via:
  • have cost share questions on your award, contact Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) via:
  • have faculty effort questions on your award, contact Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA) via: