Childrens' University Medical Group (CUMG) includes benefits, which UW Physicians (UWP) does not. As such, it is necessary to put CUMG into the fulltime rate in Workday. This is to ensure that the correct institution pays the associated benefits.
However, because CUMG-paid salaries are not in the salary distribution amounts used by eFECS for the calculation of the FTE percent (CUMG paid salaries are uploaded to eFECS through a separate process outside of Workday), FECs will display an FTE less than 100% for faculty with CUMG payments. This results in the amount of salary over the salary cap being overstated.
eFECS assumes faculty whose Average Paid FTE is less than 100% are part time and adjusts the salary cap accordingly. In these cases, departments are advised to adjust the FEC as follows:
1.       For faculty who have no Award subject to the salary cap or whose combined UW/CUMG salary  is under the salary cap:
a.       Salary data on the FEC should be correct.
b.      The percentages on the sponsored programs are adjusted to 100% and should reflect actual effort.
c.       The “Average Paid FTE” will display as less than 100% and cannot be changed on the electronic FEC.
d.    Departments may insert a free form comment indicating “CUMG added into the fulltime rate for purposes of benefits. Faculty is 100% UW employee.”
2.       For faculty who have Awards subject to the salary cap and whose combined UW/CUMG salary exceeds the salary cap:
a.      If the faculty has salary cap displayed on the FEC, it must be adjusted to reflect cost share for a 100% employee.
b.    Recalculate the using the “Salary Cap Calculator for Adjusting FECs” on the FEC website.
c.    Use the “Adjust Cost Share” screen in eFECS to change the cost share to the appropriate percentage.
d.    Insert the comment "CUMG added into the fulltime rate for purposes of benefits. Faculty is 100% UW employee and salary cap adjusted accordingly.