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eFECS System

When a faculty member has separated from the University, who can certify their FEC?

There is provision for the Chair, Dean, Director or Division Head to certify on a faculty member’s behalf.  To do this the department Astra authorizer must assign the ASTRA role “Certify Others” to the Chair, Dean, Director or Division Head.  Once this is done they can now enter the name of the faculty they are certifying for in the Search box.

These individuals must have suitable means to confirm the work was completed such as direct supervision or an email from the separated faculty confirming the accuracy of the FEC.

Will there be access to an FEC mid cycle?

No, FEC's become available for online viewing after payroll transactions for the final pay period in the FEC cycle have posted or approximately 23 days after the end of the cycle. For mid-cycle reporting of cost sharing, use the Interim Cost Share Report process.

Can MAA authorize a chair to certify the FEC for another faculty and/or add or remove authorizations for FEC Coordinators?

No.  All roles in eFECS are set up and removed by the department's ASTRA authorizer.

Why do some budgets display in the Online FEC view with a value of zero?

This most commonly occurs when there is original pay and a salary transfer on the same budget. Expanding the budget detail will reveal both the positive and the negative salary transactions.

Which browsers can I use to operate the eFECS Effort Reporting application?

Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are all supported browsers. This product is standards-compliant and may work with other browsers.

Why do faculty who are not paid or compensated at 100% display as 100% on the FEC?

The federal government requires that effort reports reflect 100% of the faculty members' compensated effort. The change to the FEC to reflect 100% alleviates auditing challenges with federal regulations. Faculty whose Average Paid FTE during a reporting cycle does not equal a 1.0 equivalent Workday salary rate will fall into the above scenario. The averaged IBS value ($) associated with the Average Paid FTE, is then represented as 100% of the faculty member's IBS for the FEC cycle.

When using the Faculty Search box, what is meant by the error message No match found for xxxxx. The search criterion entered does not match the name, EID, or UW NetID of any faculty required to certify for a reporting period currently recognized by this s

The eFECS system will not return a name for individuals who are not required to certify. For example, if the individual does not have a qualifying faculty job code, is not paid on a sponsored project and/or does not have a formal cost share commitment set up in the Cost Share Module, they will not have an FEC and the search box will return the error message above. Separated faculty will continue to appear on the MyFaculty List, but will not appear in the Search box.

Why would a faculty member who qualifies for an FEC not receive any notifications from eFECS?

Notifications are dependent upon the email address that is listed in Workday. If there is no email address listed, eFECS substitutes the faculty member's UWNet ID @ and sends notifications to that email address. Login to to ensure forwarding has been selected if the faculty member's email address is anything other than his/her UWNet ID @

Can anyone see budget details on all budgets a faculty is paid on? (Even when a budget is not in their department?)

Yes click the "+" next to any budget number on the online FEC to view detailed salary information by pay period along with the IBS eligible earn type.

How will an online salary expense transfer (OSET) which transfers salary into a budget that was not reflected on the original FEC be displayed?

If the OSET is completed before the faculty member certifies the FEC, eFECS will reflect the salary transfer on the online FEC, normally one business day after it posts in the financial system. If the FEC has been certified any post-certification salary transfer, including a transfer that adds a new budget line, will be reflected on the View FEC with post-certification changes for recertification analysis screen (accessible through the link at the bottom left of the FEC).

Do changes, such as salary transfers, completed after certification appear on the FEC?

Once an FEC is certified, no changes can be made to the original report. There is, however, a Post Certification view that assists departments in recertifying. This view will display changes that occurred after the FEC was certified. Click on the link “View FEC with post certification changes” for recertification analysis located at the bottom of the FEC.

How is a recertified FEC reflected in eFECS?

Once the department completes the online recertification, the new recertified FEC is now the official FEC. Status of this FEC will show "Recertified". FEC coordinators can still navigate to the originally certified FEC by following the link in the bottom left.

How will the system handle a grant that is only active for part of a cycle?

If an award is only active for part of the FEC period being reported, the system will prorate the effort. For example: The FEC reporting cycle is 1/1/XX-6/30/XX. The award period ends 2/28/XX and the faculty member provided 20% effort on the award from 1/1/XX - 2/28/XX. The FEC will spread the 20% over the entire FEC cycle thus reducing the effort percent for the quarter to 6.7%.