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Effort Reporting Process

What should I do if my FEC does not reasonably reflect my effort?

First, do not certify the FEC. Make sure all corrections have been made before doing so as eFECS will automatically update the FEC information to incorporate changes processed if it has not been certified thus avoiding the need to recertify. If you do certify your FEC and a correction is subsequently made you will need to recertify it.

Second, contact your FEC coordinator to inform him/her there is a problem with what is reflected on the FEC as it does not reasonably reflect your actual effort. This most commonly results from incorrect salary distributions or an issue related to cost sharing. In these cases a retroactive salary distribution correction and/or cost share adjustment can be made.

While it sometimes can take time to get changes processed and result in the FEC certification being delinquent, it is the better option than to knowingly certify to something incorrect.

When does an FEC need to be recertified?

An FEC most commonly will need to be recertified in the eFECS system when there is a retroactive change in salary distributions and/or cost share commitments/effort that has a material impact on the percentages previously certified to for sponsored budgets, i.e., the adjustment changes the percentages.  If there are no (or minimal) changes impacting sponsored budgets, a recertification is not necessary.

While we strive to avoid the recertification of FECs as they are frequently reviewed and questioned by auditors, it is critically important that when an error is detected, the FEC be corrected even if it requires it to be recertified.  One common cause of this is late receipt of awards from sponsors.

It is recommended that, in these cases, an advance budget be requested, especially if the anticipated receipt of the award is past the complete by date for the FEC.  Also, while the late certification of an FEC is non-compliant with UW policies, it is a lesser issue than knowingly certifying an incorrect FEC.

How do I recertify the FEC?

As of March 2017, recertifications are processed electronically.  Follow the instructions on MAA website.  Note, the ASTRA role “View and Update Effort Report” is needed to process a recertification online.

When I login to eFECS, FEC is still the same after OSET. Where I can see the updated FEC after OSET?

If you go to the bottom of FEC, there should be a “ view recertifiable FEC” selection.

(or “View FEC with post certification changes for recertification analysis” )

After you click this link, it would direct you to the updated FEC.

If you cannot see this link : 

eFECS would show earn type codes in the following list : 'REG', 'S/L', 'SUM', 'PLP', 'TFA', 'ADS', 'ENS'. Please check see if the OSET is under these earn type codes. 

I cannot see a faculty's FEC for a certain period?

If faculty is not paid on any sponsored budgets and no longer has a cost share commitment for specific period, there will be no FEC for this period.  

I login eFECS and it shows I would need authorization to access FEC?

Please contact your department Astra authorizor to grant you the eFECS Effort Reporting access.