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Reduced Responsibilities

A faculty member is on “reduced responsibility” after one of his/her grants has ended. However, this faculty member still has a 100% appointment. What is he/she allowed (and not allowed) to do in this newfound time?

A faculty member’s appointment is not impacted as a result of being placed on Reduced Responsibility (RR). Rather, it impacts his/her compensated FTE (e.g. salary reduction with proportionate reduction in responsibilities). When a faculty member’s salary has been reduced based on RR status, it is recognized that his or her University responsibilities will be reduced accordingly, giving the faculty member the opportunity to engage, if desired, in uncompensated activities that are outside his or her RR status such as scholarly activity including proposal preparation.


For example, a 1.0 FTE faculty member loses 25% funding and moves into a 75% RR status (65% of the non-RR status is funded from other grant sources; 10% is funded from non-sponsored UW sources for scholarly activities). The remaining 25% unfunded time may be used as uncompensated time on additional scholarly activities while in RR status of 75%.  It is important to note however, that the faculty member’s unit must provide funding for scholarly activity, e.g. proposal preparation, as described in GIM 38 - Funding Support for Institutional Scholarly Activities.