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Can the signature on the GCCR be scanned/faxed?

No, the certification must be an original ink signature.

Since I certify effort on the GCCR, why do I also have to sign the BARS?

The Grant and Contract Certification (GCCR) process is an alternative approach to the Faculty effort Certification (FEC) process which the federal government approved for certifying non-faculty effort. This certification, both faculty and non faculty, is a federal requirement. The BARS do not include the appropriate certification statement and were not part of the original agreement with the federal government. To certify on the BARS would depart from the federally approved use of the GCCR to certify effort for non faculty.

The PI's name is spelled incorrectly on the GCCR. Where do I go to fix this?

The GCCR pulls the PIs name from the FAS Budget Index. Check to see if it is spelled incorrectly there. If it's incorrect contact GCA via Grant Tracker.

I received an email that said GCCRs were ready to download, but when I went to download the reports I got the following message “There are no results that match the parameters you have input.”

This is a blanket email that will go out to all WUC codes. If there is no appropriate activity on the budget, it will not appear on your report. For instance, if the only activity is faculty effort, the budget will not appear on the GCCR. The faculty will certify this effort on the FEC.

There is a budget on my GCCR report that is not mine. How can I fix this?

To change an incorrect WUC, contact the Payroll Office at Follow the same procedure for PIs who are missing from your GCCRs.

Why is one of my PIs not showing in the "Principal Investigator" drop down list after selecting my WUC?

It is most likely because there are no budgets currently assigned to the missing PI. Verify that the budget for which the PI is responsible for certifying has the correct PI EID and PI name in MyFinancial Desktop, Budget Profile.

Why does the GCCR system create a second GCCR for the same period when the PI changes?

The Grant and Contract Certification Report (GCCR) is required to be maintained in the home department of the Principal Investigator. Therefore, to determine compliance with the GCCR process, MAA relies on the departmental downloads, i.e. if the GCCR has not been downloaded, it has not been certified. Downloading the GCCR removes the report from the overdue list.

Note, when there is a change in PI, the system will create a GCCR for the new PI. This may result in a duplication of a report for a period already certified by the original PI. In this case there is not need for the new PI to certify again. However downloading the GCCR will remove it from the overdue report.

One of our PIs recently left UW and we still have couple outstanding GCCR reports that need to be signed. Are we allowed to reach out to the PI and send the documents for signature?

It is preferred that the PI be contacted and sign the GCCRs themselves, even if they are no longer employed by the UW.

In rare instances, when the PI is unable to certify in a timely matter, the department chair, director (of an organization of departmental level program), division head or dean may certify the GCCR. This verification must be supported by written confirmation from the PI (e.g. in an email or memo) that the work was performed by the individual(s) listed on the report. This documentation should be filed with the GCCR.

When would I need include backup document for GCCR?

The situation in which you would need backup documentation is if a previous GCCR has a salary transfer after the fact that will affect it. In addition, you need to have the faculty recertify the GCCR after the salary transfer has posted and you have edited the GCCR to include it. Here is some more information on GCCR changes: Changes to GCCR | Management Accounting & Analysis (

One person or budget is missing on the GCCR report?

First, for budget, please check if the budget is active sponsored budget and includes qualified transactions - non-faculty salaries. For person, please check if the person is non-faculty and has qualified IBS (institutional Base Salary) Components of Institutional Base Salary | Management Accounting & Analysis (

Sometimes, specific budget or person is under different org code or different Principal Investigator. Please try selecting all on drop down selections for Org Major Area Level, Org Dept Level and Org SubDivision Level and/or Principal Investigators.

For postdoc budget/individual missing:

Because the postdoc’s effort will show up on the GCCR if they are paid in a salary/wage object code, but not if they are paid under stipend object code. One possible reason this individual or budget isn’t showing up on the GCCR (they would never show up on a FEC since they aren’t faculty), is that the postdoc was paid under 01-50, 01-90 or 08-02. Postdocs on research awards should be paid in object code 01-40, which are considered wages. Stipends would only be used to pay a postdoc on training or fellowship-type awards.