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Part-Time Faculty

How do part-time faculty on 'soft' money fund non-sponsored activities?

proposal preparation effort must come from non-sponsored funds. Just like full-time faculty, part-time faculty (those with an appointment of less than 1.0) may not volunteer their time for proposal writing or other non-sponsored activities.  Note, part-time is NOT the same as reduced responsibilities (See GIM 38 – Faculty Reduced Responsibility Status Involving External Funding)

We have a faculty not at 100% FTE. Would he/she need to have some amount of non-sponsored effort while submitting grant applications if he/she is less than 100% FTE?

If employed by the UW,  no matter faculty is less than 100%, or retired. Faculty can’t work on proposals in their free time without compensation. The unit would need to pay for that time doing proposals. The only exception is for de minimis proposals, e.g. if they just had to sign a couple documents but not actually do a full proposal.